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LGHS Senior Talent show premieres virtually April 23

By Madeline King


At 7 PM on Thurs., April 23, the LGHS Leadership Class will be presenting this year’s Senior Talent Show despite COVID-19 mandating school closures. 

“We may be home in isolation, but the show must go on,” states the LGHS Activities site. The leadership class formatted the show to be completely virtual and compliant with social distancing guidelines by requiring all participants to submit solo videos of their performances, which will be live streamed via a link on the LGHS Activities site.

“It’s great that we’re able to use a format that we wouldn’t be able to use otherwise,” said senior participant Sam Ross. Senior Collin Colson added, “It’s not as magical as when it’s live, but I still love seeing all the expression and talent.”

Seniors Reya Kumar, Sophia Wright, Abby Monti, and Ella Kvamme will be kicking off the show with their rendition of I Will Survive, followed by Ross, Colson, and Jake Schraga with their act Tiger King. Other solo acts include Mieko Oda, Avalon Ver Valen, Chris Sanchez, Reagen Riggings, Maxine Edmonds, Katie McEnroe, Kayleigh Khandelwal, Maya Kurani, and Nicola Kaminski. The group Suburbamore – including Trevor Ross, Jack Murnin, Alice Bibaud, David Guitar, Ian Moore, Johnny Jazz, and Lucas Fink – will perform their original song Butterflies; friends Lexi Bowser, Grace Tomlin, Chloe Chroll, Bella Yore, Nicole Weinstein, and Tiffany Madier will perform Seasons of Los Gatos together; Michael Coe and Reed Warren will present Man or Muppet, and Kadin Abbot and Luke Hampshire will finish the show with their rendition of Take Me or Leave Me.

While the show won’t be performed live as it traditionally has, the virtual component will allow students to celebrate the class of 2020 and maintain some sense of normalcy despite shelter-in-place mandates. Be sure to check out the LGHS Activities website or use this link to watch this year’s talented seniors!

(Source: LGHS Activities)

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