LGHS Senior shares importance of following social distancing protocol

By Kelli Keady

I am a senior at LG, and like many, I am deeply saddened by the loss of our senior year. We are missing out on so much and there are many uncertainties for the future. It’s a frustrating time. It may seem pointless to follow the shelter in place guidelines because “I am a teenager and can’t die from the virus,” or “My friend already had it so I’m immune,” but if everyone operated that way we would be in even more trouble. I am writing this to call out all of the high schoolers who are not following the rules and choosing to go around, business as usual. I understand this who situation sucks, but people are dying and the only way we can help is by staying home and limiting our contact with others. Recently several groups of people have been posting all over social media while they hang out in groups ranging anywhere from 2-10 people in size. They post group picture with their arms around each other, and hanging out in one another’s car. When I see this stuff I feel like many of my peers do: upset and discouraged. The same people complaining about graduation being canceled are the ones who refuse to follow the rules. What is even more disappointing is the flaunting on social media. While the rest of us are stuck in our rooms for hours every day, they proceed to shamelessly post on multiple social media platforms. I have spent the last 5 weeks at home. I am just as sad as you all are about it, but I am still following the rules. To the families of those girls and many others who will hopefully read this: I urge you to reconsider how we approach this whole situation. It is not fair for the rest of us to have to see you all posting on Instagram and Snapchat while hanging out with any size group of other people. We all have to get through this together and if that means holding people we see at friends accountable, then so be it. Normalizing social interaction during a time like this is dangerous. Stick up for what you know is right; if you see friends hanging out, send them a text. If you receive a text like that, don’t be defensive, the person who sent it cares about your safety and health.

Stay safe LG,

Kelli Keady

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