Sophomore Shalin Prasad Discovers New Talents

by Revanth Rao

National/World Editor

Whether he’s playing sports or video games, sophomore Shalin Prasad seems to enjoy games of all sorts. This interest has led him to push himself to join the high school lacrosse team, while still carving out time in his busy schedule to have fun playing Fortnite.

Prasad plays lacrosse for LGHS as an attack player, largely because he is left-handed. He described attack as primarily an offensive position, as attackers are required to stay on the offensive side of the field at all times. Prasad says he has long had interest in the sport, but didn’t get a chance to play it when he was younger and only started when he was a freshman. 

Because he is relatively inexperienced with lacrosse, one of the most challenging parts of playing the sport for Prasad involves catching up to his more experienced teammates. However, he says he does enjoy the sport in spite of the challenges because he has always wanted to play lacrosse, and now is getting the opportunity to do so. He also enjoys the team culture and hanging out with his teammates, many of whom he considers friends.


Prasad’s other interests include video games, with Fortnite being the game he currently loves the most. In the past, Prasad liked playing games like Apex and Minecraft, but at the moment, he plays Fortnite almost exclusively. While Prasad doesn’t really think that he is skilled at the game, he plays it mostly for fun as a way to decompress and take breaks from doing his homework. In addition, Prasad enjoys the communal aspect of Fortnite, as he typically likes to play the game with his friends.

Prasad also considers World History his favorite class on his schedule. When describing the class atmosphere, he says that “the people in there are fun to talk to.” He also finds the topic of world history fascinating because he likes the interesting stories he learns about in the class. Additionally, he enjoys his teacher, Tom Hughes, who makes the class fun and interesting for him. 

Finally, outside of school, Prasad says he has a few interests currently, but is still undecided about his aspirations for his future beyond high school. Regardless of what he chooses, he is sure to have an interesting future ahead.


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