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Freshman Jackie Enns Demonstrates Prodigal Lacrosse Skills

by Jackie King

People Editor

It can be a struggle for new LGHS student to adjust to their schedules given the hours of homework, extracurriculars, and more, but LGHS freshman Jackie Enns finds an impressive balance between her school work and her commitment to sports. 

Enns has been playing lacrosse for as long as she can remember. Beginning in only second grade, she has grown up with the sport as well as with her teammates. She “doesn’t know what [she] would do without lacrosse,” as the sport has had “such an immeasurable impact on [her] life.” Starting her career with the West Valley Red Hawks, the local club team for elementary through middle school students, Enns has put in hundreds of hours to advance her craft.


Enns joined her first club team, The Tenacity Project, in fifth grade, hoping to expand her knowledge of the game, as well as spend more time playing the sport she loves. Through Tenacity, Enns was exposed to the competitive world that is club lacrosse and met teammates whom she still plays with today, almost four years later. 

Enns made the hard decision of moving to Atomic Lacrosse Club for the 2019 summer season before her coach and team decided to combine with STEPS lacrosse, an East Coast team that has spread to California. Enns said that her team and coach made this decision because “playing with such a well-known team from the East Coast, where lacrosse is much more popular, really increases opportunities for [her] and all of [her] teammates” who are hoping to play in college. All of her hard work has paid off, as she earned a spot on the LGHS Varsity lacrosse team as a freshman, where she will surely be an asset to the group alongside her sister Amelia Enns, as well as her longtime lacrosse friend Elizabeth Yu. 


Outside of lacrosse, Enns speaks highly of her Honors Biology class, taught by Janice Mortensen. “One of my favorite things about the class is when all of the confusing and complex ideas all of a sudden begin to make sense and everything falls into place,” Enns explained. Although the subject is difficult to understand a lot of the time, “Mrs. Mortensen is extremely helpful with going slowly through these complex ideas to ensure everyone understands what is going on.” 

In addition to her love for biology, Enns has a passion for cooking, which led her to choose LGHS’s cooking class as her elective. Although Enns does enjoy the class, especially her teacher Patricia Sutton, she prefers to cook without any restrictions or specific rules. Despite this, Enns still values all of the cultural aspects behind the food many people enjoy, and learning certain foods’ origins is one of her favorite parts of the class.

Despite the fact Enns spends most of her time on her schoolwork and athletics, she still leaves herself plenty of time to appreciate everything that is Taylor Swift. A fan since day one, Enns knows anything and everything about the 30-year-old singer. Although Enns has no passion for singing, she is still inspired by all of the incredible things Swift has accomplished at such a young age. After Swift released her Netflix documentary, Miss Americana,  Enns fell even more in love with the singer and continues to look up to her for the insane amount of devotion Swift has to her music and her fans.

Enns is the definition of dedicated, spending the majority of her time working to better herself in the things she loves most, being an inspiration to all that witness her grandeur



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