Unpopular Opinion: AirPods are Overrated

by Sonali Muthukrishnan

News Editor

Unpopular opinion: AirPods suck! It’s ironic because, as I’m writing this article, my AirPods are unceremoniously jammed into my ears, blaring Ariana Grande, but here I am. 


AirPods are widely known and popularised because, as teenagers, we feel the need to submit to any type of social trend automatically. Platforms like TikTok exhibit this specific behavioral aspect of teenagers where you can admire us in our natural habitat. As displayed through cancel culture, we have fast-moving opinions, but for some reason, we decided that AirPods are worth our time. As such, AirPods have wreaked havoc on the world we know and love for four long years. 

I have to notice that no one talks about what is wrong with AirPods and I don’t feel like that’s right. Mainly because that means we are missing out on some tea, so I’m here to expose AirPods for the extremely irritating flaws that they have, those little things that make you want to rip your hair and headphones out. For some strange reason, we all believe that they make us look more bougie than if we wore average wired headphones. The more I think about it, the less viable evidence exists to support this bizarre claim. Let’s be real, is any human being going to look classy rocking a pair of white ear antenna? The answer to that question is a definite NO, and if it’s a yes, then have fun looking like a delusional alien. 

As I hope you know by now, AirPods are Bluetooth. Even though this may seem like an appealing design factor, there is a possibility that this could lead to your ultimate downfall. Just envision it with me – you’re sitting in your math class listening to your substitute teacher drone on about test instructions. You make a split-second decision to pop in your headphones and spend the time after your test relaxing. 

You’ve finished the test early, completely flunking it, but you knew it wasn’t going to be good anyway, so no surprise there. Everything seems to be going to plan; you’re ready to jam out, so you put in your AirPods. Under the table, you attempt to press play subtly, almost dropping your phone on the floor. Close call! But you think you’re in the clear. However, what you didn’t realize is that your AirPods didn’t actually connect to your phone, and suddenly the entire room is listening to Lizzo blaring out of your phone speaker. To make matters worse, you had to put your AirPods at full volume! A sad attempt to block out the kid with a cold sitting next to you. Not embarrassing in the slightest; just a teenager in their natural state, red and mortified. We love those natural, memorable high school moments. Even though AirPods suck, Apple can count me in for AirPod Pros. I guess teenagers never learn.


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