POM: Sara Chiala dominates on the basketball court and the softball field

by Caroline Wagner 

Graphic Design Editor

A powerhouse on the softball field and basketball court, senior Sara Chiala is anything but soft. Her passion for both softball and basketball began at a young age. Thanks to her unwavering dedication and commitment to the two, Chiala has since been able to make her mark on the Los Gatos sports program. 


Chiala took up softball around eight years old. “I fell in love with it right away,” she said. “My dad was my first softball coach. He taught me so much about the game and really showed me how much I love it.” 

According to Chiala, she made her first friendships on the softball field when she was eight, and grew up playing alongside those teammates throughout the years. 

“It’s really something special to be able to have memories with the same groups of girls throughout your life,” she commented. 


Once Chiala entered high school, she realized that the sport was something she felt she couldn’t live without. “I definitely had to work hard to earn my spot and prove to [those around me] that I deserved to play, being a sophomore on the Varsity team.” Two years later, Chiala is now captain for the Varsity softball team.

Chiala is also currently captain for the girls Varsity Basketball team. “I didn’t realize how much of a fun atmosphere was playing at the high school, so I just kind of stuck with it and really enjoyed playing it for fun,” she explained. “I look forward to practice every day and seeing the girls around school.” 


This year, the basketball team finished third in CCS. In addition, they also beat their rival Palo Alto for the first time in all four years she has been playing. Chiala recalls the upset as the highlight of her basketball career at the high school. As captain of the basketball team, Chiala emphasizes the importance of “being passionate, showing up to practice every day, and creating an atmosphere where everyone feels like they have a voice on the team.”


Chiala follows an inspiring philosophy on the field and on the court. “Something that I always tell myself is just give it my all and leave it all out there, never walking away and wishing I’d done anything differently. And always give 110%,” she said. 

When Chiala makes a mistake during a game, she tells herself, “It’s a team sport, we are all going to make mistakes. Look at everything in a positive attitude and give it your all, and if you mess up, don’t let it affect the next play.”

Chiala is thankful for the opportunities and experiences that the sports program has offered her. “Being able to play sports at the high school has definitely been one of the biggest influences in my life because I’ve been able to learn so much and make so many friendships.” She will go on to play softball at Whittier college next year.



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