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2020 Senior Ad and Baby Photo Info – DEADLINE Has Passed…

Hey senior parents! With the shutdown of LGHS and the loss of so many end-of-the-year traditions, El Gato wants to make sure that at least one tradition remains intact, and we’re hoping to make it even better! Were you planning to purchase a senior ad for your student for this year’s Senior Issue? If so, want to make this EXTRA SPECIAL by using the Yearbook’s supplemental magazine for Senior Ads this year!

That means we will be printing in a smaller format initially, but in FULL COLOR! We will go back and create a Senior Issue on newsprint if possible for subscribers, but the plan will be use get the ads into the Yearbook magazine, as well as here online.

Check out our examples below. Our talented staff will be in charge of designing each ad. Parents may also create the ad if desired.

Thank you parents for all of your submissions! El Gato will be working hard to create and publish all of the ads submitted!


1/8 Page: $50 (4″ wide x 2.5″ tall)

1/4 Page: $100 (4″ wide x 5.25″ tall)

1/2 Page: $200 (8.25″ wide x 5.25″ tall)

El Gato Patrons and Sponsors have pre-paid for a 1/8 or 1/4 page ad respectively. Please check your receipts in your LGHS account to see if you have pre-paid for an ad.

If the above cost is a hardship at this time, please contact Mr. Garrett directly and we try to work something out. We want to include as many seniors as possible, while still supporting the program going forward.


Submissions are now closed – thank you for submitting.

If you have not done so, make sure you go online to the LGHS website to submit your payment. Click here to view this page.

The submission deadline has passed.

1/8 page ad (4″ wide x 2.5″ tall):

Adams, Bradley 1-8

1/4 page ad (two shown here – 4″ wide x 5.25″ tall):

1/2 page ad (8.25″ wide x 5.25″ tall)


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  1. Can anyone comment on when the Senior Ads version of the paper might be released?
    Thank you.

    • We are currently having the Senior Ad magazine printed and it will be released with the yearbook to those who purchased it, as well as sent to all El Gato subscribers who did not purchase a yearbook. The remaining copies will then be available for purchase.

  2. The Google Link doesn’t appear to be working.

    –I’ve just checked it and it seems to work fine. Please try again.

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