El Gato Staff takes on White Elephant

By Sami Elizondo

Culture Editor

As finals approach and LGHS students stress over the hours of studying that are sure to come, students in El Gato look forward to the annual gift exchange. With a $25 limit, editorial editor, Ethan Sanders, and Editor-in-chief, Jamie Blough, accompany me to Valley Fair in search of gifts.

The mall is an overwhelming place, especially for indecisive people like myself. Also, trying to find gifts that will satisfy both genders is a difficult task. That is why our first stop is Bath and Body Works. Upon walking into the store, every single receptor in my nose fires and tries to get used to the overpowering collision of Winter Candy Apple and Vanilla Bean Noel. After walking through aisles of candles, soaps, hand sanitizers, body washes, and lotions, I finally found my gift.

The next stop is for Jamie’s gift at a tea shop called T2. This store has an amazing, modern aesthetic while still maintaining a warm and inviting aura. Jamie found an adorable yet practical sale item fit for the graduating seniors for their dorms and she paired it with one of the tea selections. Overall a really well thought out gift that I would be happy receiving.

Last was Ethan who purchased his gift from Lush. Similar to Bath and Body Works, the scent of the store is a little overwhelming, so we made a point to get out of there fast. Ethan found a tie-dye gift box containing various lush products. I am excited to see who ends up with his gift and if they like it as much as I do when I steal it from them.

After a successful trip to the mall, the El Gato trio headed over to Santana Row for a poke break at Poke Bar. This quick dinner was the perfect way to end our white elephant quest.

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