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LGHS Student Animators Debut Award-Winning Short Film

by Sasha Ryu

After eighteen months of hard work, LGHS sophomore Brandon Krish and his talented group of friends successfully debuted their animated short film, “Write & Wrong.” The film was recently awarded ‘Best Animation’ at the 2019 LGHS Film Festival, and is currently nominated for another award at the All-American High School Film Festival.

Krish, who directed, animated, and scripted the film, dreams of becoming a professional animator when he grows up. “Write & Wrong” is the second animated short that he’s released during his time as a student at LGHS.

Sophomore Jason Aochi composed and personally recorded the film’s original soundtrack, and Russel Kim narrated the film. Brandon’s younger brother, Fisher student Devon Krish, took on the title of Associate Producer, and was the head of computer graphics and traditional animation.

Watch the full video here on the El Gato website!

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  1. Very talented kids indeed. I had the privilege of meeting Brandon back when he was in elementary school at Saratoga, he was friends with my son, who was in the same grade as him. Always such a charming and friendly boy! Happy that everything is going well for him! Wishing him the best!

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