Opinion: New Year’s resolutions are overrated

By Wilma Wei

Culture Editor

2019 starts a new year and a fresh beginning for many people who make New Year’s Resolutions – a list of things that they want to accomplish or improve about themselves. On New Year’s Day, I saw people running outside, the gym filled up, and people eating healthy. But as the year progresses, the gym empties out and fewer people run — people lose interest and give up on their resolutions.

However, when I look at New Year’s Resolutions, I ask myself, “Why can’t any day, hour, or minute be a new beginning where people can strive for change?” A new year shouldn’t be an excuse to start new goals or push yourself to improve. Not only that, but why wait a whole year or months to finally start working on achieving a goal? Anyone can change or choose to start improving themselves at any time; having the mentality that each day is a new beginning can help many people overcome bad habits more quickly.

Most people lose interest in their resolutions throughout the year, becoming unmotivated or uninterested. In fact, according to Forbes, only “eight percent of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions.” A reason why most people fail to complete New Year’s Resolutions is because people expect their goals to be completed almost automatically. Many fail to accept the idea that accomplishing goals is a varied process and can take from as long as minutes to years to accomplish. New Year’s is simply another day, nothing different from December 31 or any other day in the year. A new year doesn’t mean someone will change right away, and keep in mind — anyone is capable of making great changes regardless of what day in the year it is.

Instead of planning out New Year’s Resolutions and relying on them, try setting monthly, weekly, or daily goals for yourself to help yourself stay focused. Try keeping a journal to keep track of any accomplishments for yourself, or write down anything inspirational to keep yourself improving. Keeping a journal can motivate people and (    ). New Year’s Resolutions are overrated, and anyone can start working towards their goal anytime! So, keep striving to be the best version of yourself every day regardless of what year, month, or day it is.

(Source: Forbes)


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