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Los Gatos remembers Nancy Offer

By Sami Linden

Graphics Designer

Over December break, former LGHS faculty member Nancy Offer passed away after fighting cancer over the past year. In the aftermath of the devastating news, please take a moment to honor Offer for her dedication to the school and Peer-to-Peer programs on campus.

For twenty years, Offer worked to develop the Peer-to-Peer programs including Reality Check, UP (Unconditionally Positive), PAWS (Providing Awareness for Wildcat Students), and Link Crew. Within each group, Offer directly worked with students to allow them to voice their opinions, solve current issues, and create a safe and welcoming community for all. Not only did she pioneer each group, but she also continually met with students to work on anything from publishing Reality Check and PAWS issues to improving the Freshman Conversations and former Freshman Skills Days.

While Reality Check sends a monthly newsletter sharing students’ personal stories, PAWS publishes a magazine each semester to dive deeper into issues on campus. UP, on the other hand, hosts the TedX event each year, allowing speakers with fresh perspectives to inspire others. Link Crew connects upper and lowerclassmen, building a connection to help freshmen feel welcomed during their first year at Los Gatos High School.

The current advisor of UP and Link Crew Marina Cozella said, “Nancy was the one who started it all for Peer-to-Peer. She was a firm believer in the power teenagers have to positively influence one another, and wanted helpful information to work its way through the entire student body. She was also a dedicated friend, and always focused on others’ emotions and helping those around her.”

PAWS advisor Kathleen Wehr added, “Nancy empowered students to be leaders for each other, and helped to foster their inner confidence and independence.” About Offer’s selfless commitment to the student body, Wehr shared that, “she’s one of the main people who taught me that kids have a lot to offer, and that I can learn a lot just from listening to what they have to say.” Beyond running the groups, Offer also emphasized the importance of sharing opinions and ensuring that everyone’s voice would be heard.

Offer’s legacy will live on through the Peer-to Peer programs she established, and she will always be remembered for the positive changes she brought to the school and the countless lives on which she made an impact.

There will be a memorial service held on Saturday, Feb. 2 at 2:00 in the Los Gatos United Methodist Church (111 Church St., Los Gatos, CA). All are welcome to attend and support Nancy’s friends and family while honoring her life.


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