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Dish Dash brings authentic food diversity to the Bay Area

By Sami Elizondo

Humor Editor

Along the charming street of Murphy Ave. in downtown Sunnyvale, a Middle Eastern restaurant like no other can be frequently overlooked by those in search of an indulgent meal. Dish Dash brings to light a variety of delectable flavors and spices that otherwise would have never been introduced to my taste palette. The atmosphere, furnished with rich colors and accented with candles and draperies, is very relaxed and conducive to mellow activities such as talking with friends. However, Dish Dash is not unique because of its calming environment, but because of its unbelievably diverse options on their authentic menu that sets it apart from competitors.

They begin their service by bringing an endless supply of warm naan and an oil blend to satiate their customers’ hunger until the main course is served. Although everything on their menu appears appetizing, over the course of many visits, my family and I have compiled a list of our top orders that never disappoint. We always begin with the Maza sampler, which includes seven small servings of their most popular starters. Following the sampler, we choose between either the Shish Kebab served with roasted vegetables or the Mansaf, served with an aged yogurt base. Both dishes feature incredibly tender lamb and come with flaky basmati rice.

While every option on the menu is sure to appease your hunger, there is only one proper way to complete a successful Dish Dash experience, and that is by ending your meal with an order of the heavenly baklava crumble. From their array of appetizers to their legendary desserts, Dish Dash holds its own when compared to other Middle Eastern inspired restaurants in the Bay Area.


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