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by Sami Linden

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Although he is a new name on the charts, singer-songwriter Ray Goren is no stranger to the music scene. His career started at the mere age of five years old, when he used to listen and play along to Jazz music. During his childhood years, Goren learned from blues icons, listening to their shows and closely following any advice they gave him. Once Goren moved to Los Angeles, he switched his focus from piano to electric guitar – and that’s where he truly found his passion.

Now the 18-year-old has a full album, titled ME, out on Spotify and Soundcloud. He recently released three singles, “Graduation,” “Space,” and “Traffic.” The songs range from slower acoustics to upbeat R&B. Goren explained that he wants to tell his story through his music and uses lyrics to explain parts of his life.

Goren’s song “Graduation” explains how he’s feeling after recently graduating from high school. In a video Goren created about the song, he says he was “inspired by all these feelings of happiness and sadness and confusion.” Once the song begins, Goren expresses his emotions through guitar and smooth vocal melodies overlapping a soft background beat. While there’s no doubt that Goren’s tunes are pleasing to listen to, they also do a great job of conveying his message. At one point he sings, “I don’t want a 9 to 5/I just want to live my life,” and “honestly, this all feels like a dream.” Goren connects with emotions almost all high schoolers feel at one point, making this song even more relatable and impactful.

Switching gears, Goren takes a much more upbeat, R&B/Rap approach in his song “Space.” Rather than singing along to mellow guitar, he spits out faster-paced lyrics over a more electronic beat. Although the tone of the music does not sound as emotional, Goren still does not stray away from filling his lyrics with his empathy and desire to give someone the space they need.

Ray Goren is certainly one impressive artist to keep an eye out for in the future. His songs feature an array of musical sounds and styles, yet he still manages to produce and perform the music solo. The teen shows off a more emotional side of himself in his music, which is something that does not follow the status quo among high school students. Be sure to check out both his album and new singles, and add them to your next playlist!

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