El Gato reviews Taylor Swift Reputation Tour at Levi’s Stadium

by Austin Yung and Shannon Enriquez

News Editor and Humor Editor

Confetti drifted through the air and screams of bliss pierced the traffic-filled streets of Santa Clara as Taylor Swift’s appearance on stage would soon be imminent. Fans of all ages danced, cheered, and enjoyed the company of their peers as Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, and Charli XCX hit the Bay Area on Fri., May 11 and Sat., May 12.

The show began at 7PM with Charli XCX opening and Camila Cabello following soon after. Charli XCX started off with “Boom Clap,” “Boys,” “Break the Rules,” and many other of her top hits, with the already energized crowd constantly applauding and shouting with joy.

Cabello came out soon after, and the audience burst with excitement as she beautifully sang “Havana,” “Never Be the Same,” “Bad Things,” and a plethora of her other hits.

The main stage shone brightly as LED lights covered it entirely, with the addition of flares and fire bursting from the back. The arena also featured two arrow-like platforms sticking out into the audience, which added an extra touch of magic to Swift’s performance.

Once fans entered the stadium, staff members handed out complimentary wristbands and greeted each person with a smile. After finding their seats and watching the sunset, audience members broke the silence with loud screeches as Taylor Swift appeared on stage. Swift began with songs from her latest album Reputation, adding to the already astounding performances by the opening acts.

After warming up the audience with a few of her songs, Swift then took the concert to another level when she hastily changed her outfit into a costume that resembled an Egyptian Pharaoh and sang “Look What You Made Me Do.” In the middle of her performance, a giant inflatable snake appeared on stage, causing the audience to scream louder than before. Swift then took a floating platform over to the minor stages located within the audience, spreading her presence throughout the stadium. She then brought the attention back to the main stage as she sung “Shake It Off” with fellow performers Charli XCX and Cabello, making the night seem even more legendary.

The concert ended near midnight, with satisfied fans heading home, already reminiscing of their wonderful experience. From bearded hipsters with an unshakeable love for Taylor to excited teenage girls, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the concert and a love for her music, and grew on those that had doubts at first.

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