Unknown stranger shoots Black Lives Matter activist Muhiydin Moye

by Hayley Knowlton

People Editor

At around 1:30AM on Feb. 6, an unknown stranger shot and killed Black Lives Matter activist Muhiydin Moye in New Orleans. Officers responding to calls of residents who heard the gunshots found Moye bleeding on the ground. Though they found Moye just a few blocks from University Medical Center, doctors pronounced the victim dead soon after he arrived at the hospital.

Moye’s moment of fame came from an incident in February 2017 in which he attempted to grab a Confederate flag from a protester at Black Lives Matter activist Bree Newsome’s speech in downtown Charleston; his arrest video went viral on the internet. Caught live on a WCSC broadcast, Moye sprinted through police tape and quickly tried to snatch the protester’s flag, but the protester maintained a strong grip. Police quickly tackled Moye to the ground, where they arrested him for disorderly conduct. After this event, Moye told the Washington Post that his goal was to show those protesting Newsome’s speech what “real resistance” looked like from people who are not afraid. Moye was well-known for being an avid activist who planned rallies and consistently demanded better treatment for all people of color.

Moye died of blood loss after an unidentified suspect shot him in the thigh while he rode his bike on a residential street. Moye’s bike, found across the street from where police found him, was apparently covered in blood. Though there were cameras near where the stranger shot Moye, the incident report does not mention if the cameras showed the suspect.

Moye’s family and friends are currently grieving over their loss, and they are trying to raise money for his cause. His family created a GoFundMe account in hopes of gaining $7,500 to transport his body back to Charleston, where they will hold his funeral. In just one day, they gained triple the amount of money they set as their goal. Many of his fellow activists posted their respects to Moye on social media, including popular Black Lives Matter activist Deray McKesson. About Moye, McKesson tweeted, “He was such a force and incredible guy. This is quite a loss.”

Currently, officials have no published knowledge about who committed this crime against Moye. However, they are working avidly to solve this case. Moye’s family, friends, and supporters can only wait to find out more information on the mysterious suspect.

(Sources: CNN, The Washington Post)

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