Create your own Valentine’s Day Mad Libs story

by Lauren Sanders


El Gato Mad Libs: Find some friends, and ask them to give you words for each specified part of speech. When you finish, read your crazy story back to them!

It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, and your (body part) is itching for a sweetheart. Here are some simple steps to landing the most (adjective) V-Day.

  1. Find the most (adjective) person in your grade.
  2. Go onto their (social media) and find their favorite food.
  3. (Verb) their address in (School Name)’s directory.
  4. Slyly (verb) the food into their mailbox.
  5. If their mother (verb)s you, run (adverb) away from their house to avoid legal action.
  6. Otherwise, go with it. Let them know their mailbox is full of (type of food) from a secret admirer.
  7. Watch the magic happen.
  8. (Verb) your crush and tell them you want to (verb) them again sometime. They will be so (adjective) that you reached out!
  9. You two will (verb) happily ever after.

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