Sinkhole discovered in Idaho

by Hayley Knowlton

People Editor


On Jan. 9, Brittany Bush and her husband found an active sinkhole in the garage of their home in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Hearing a loud noise in the middle of the night, the couple woke up and inspected the house for burglars, but everything in the house was in place. Deciding that everything seemed normal, they went back to sleep. However, the next morning, Brittany Bush found that the entire garage floor had sunk down into the ground, causing the alarming sounds.

Investigating the scene, the Bushes found a secret room that had been hidden under their garage floor. In the room, they discovered children’s toys, letters, shelves, and a purse. An engineer sent by their insurance provider came to look at the sunken garage, and he was shocked that the floor did not cave in sooner; those who built the house constructed it on a fragile foundation of cement two inches thick.

The couple believed that the room was a type of shelter, but the engineer that came to inspect the sinkhole rejected the theory. He explained that the room was not a bomb shelter, but a hidden room in the house. He said that “[the room] look[ed] very sketchy.” According to the engineer, there is a large possibility that a second secret room is concealed somewhere beneath the house.  

The Bushes, researching the mysterious room further, found that there are no records of the room ever existing in any county archives. They don’t know why someone built over this room or why previous owners built the room in the first place. The uncertainty surrounding the room adds a suspenseful twist to the Bushes’ story.

The family can only hope that they will not find anything unsavory in the wreckage while cleaning up their garage and further exploring the peculiar room. As the engineer parted ways with the Bushes, he warned them, “Don’t be alarmed if there is a body down there.” They have no idea what to expect as they venture deeper into the sinkhole.

The Bushes did not uncover anything unusual in the room so far, but they continue to search with caution. However, their main priority is to clean up their garage and prevent another sinkhole situation from happening in the future.

(Sources: Fox News, Daily Mail)

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