#metoo movement inspires Golden Globes fashion

by: Madeline Pollock

Opinion Editor

The 75th Golden Globes Award Ceremony was a turning point for women. Actresses and actors stood together in solidarity to fight against sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace. In an effort to support the #MeToo movement, celebrities dressed in black.

Although the audience was nearly draped in black fabric, every actress brought her own twist. Different styles, gems, decor, fabrics, and textures gave every actress a unique look while standing together. Actresses such as Reese Witherspoon were leading advocates on social media. In an interview, Witherspoon explained that “It just became clear that with all of the news that’s been coming out that it couldn’t just be business as normal. We wanted to stand up and do something for all people to say time’s up on discrimination, harassment and abuse in the workplace.”

Actress Debra Messing emphasized that, “I am wearing black to thank and honor all of the brave whistleblowers who came forward, shared their stories of harassment, assault, and discrimination. I’m wearing black to stand in solidarity with my sisters all over the globe and I’m here to celebrate the rollout of this incredible initiative Time’s Up.”

In addition to black and Times Up pins, emerald jewelry was very prominent on the red carpet.  Anna Sheffield, founder and creative director of her personal jewelry line explained that, “Emeralds have long been associated with divine feminine power — birth, fertility and creation — and often, they were associated with goddesses, like Venus and Umina in the ancient Peru… They nod to the power and creativity attributed to females since the dawn of time, and evoke the reverence with which women should be treated.”

Actors such as, Zac Efron, Aziz Ansari, Seth Rogen, and more showed their support in all black tuxes. The actors not only shared their support verbally, but through their style.

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