Dance team seniors reflect on their final season

by Emerson-Alysia Hughes

People Editor


With the football season wrapping up, the dance team has begun to prepare for their final performances at the CCS playoff games. Though the last home game was bittersweet for the seniors, they are excited to prepare for their basketball season.

Featured below are some of the seniors on dance team reflecting on their favorite memories from Dance Team over the years.

Anahita Yamouti brings humor and fun to dance team. Yamouti is a a great leader who helps the team relax in stressful times. Yamouti also leads the pre-performance huddles where the team screams their good luck motto before performing. Her favourite memory of dance team is dancing to Mariah Carey’s rendition of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ in the parking lot before practice, with the music blasting from her car. “Anahita is one of the most amazing and influential people I have ever met,” says sophomore Marie Nash

Julia Mosher joined dance team her freshman year, and has met many of her friends through the team.  Sophomore Jade Shreiner states that “Julia is always so supportive and loving. She always keeps things under control and brings such positive energy!” Julia always helps the team stay organized and on track.

Geena Lee is not only talented at hip hop, but her technical skills in jazz are impressive. Lee has been on the team since freshman year. Something that she loves about the team is the traditions, with her favorite being pre-performance huddles where the team talks and prepares to perform in an entertaining and comical way. Sophomore Devon Schreiner states that “Geena supports and respects others, and is willing to lend a helping hand. She brings great energy, optimism and a smile to each practice and is very passionate about dance team!”

Nicolette Dal Porto has been on the team for three years now. She always makes everyone around her feel included. Her favorite memories from dance team are the several team bonding games that the team plays during practice, including Bunny Bunny and Jello. Dal Porto states that “I love how we have become so close as a team and that I have become friends with so many people that I would not have met otherwise.” Dal Porto is also a role model to many on the team. “Nicolette brings light and positivity wherever she goes, and it shines through every day, on and off the dance floor,” says Nash

Anna Gustafson has the most infectious personality ever and brings nothing but happiness into the dance room. “Anna is such a light, and she brings that sparkle to the team. There’s never a time where she’s not uplifting and bright,” says sophomore Jade Schreiner. Gustafson has been on the team for four years, and is someone who always helps other people. Gustafson is a huge football fan and comments, “I love dancing at football games for my friends and family, especially my dad, Coach Gus!”

Annie Mezheritskaya joined the team for her senior year and has loved the football game performances. She also loves the tailgate dinners that the team has between the two football games on Friday nights. Annie states, “I love how the dance team feels like a second family. It is a place you can go when you are having a bad day and totally forget about it. ” Jade Schreiner comments,“Annie adds such an encouraging, radiating vibe to the group. She is always there for everyone and is such an amazing addition to the team.”

The seniors on dance team have created an inclusive environment where everyone feels accepted for who they are.

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