LGHS Students Go Back To School


by Katherine Monsef

Humor Editor

On the night of Aug. 17, the students of LGHS packed their bags for school the next day and hoped they would be pleased with their classes. Students pulled up SparkNotes as they realized they “forgot” to do their summer reading. When the alarm clock rang, everyone wondered where the summer went.

On the front lawn, Principal Kristi Grasty and senior Nat Redfern delivered back to school speeches. School started shortly after the meeting on the front lawn. After they met their new teachers, students drove over to Office Depot and emptied the store of all supplies that might be useful.

In the week before school started, ninth graders attended Freshman Orientation, hosted by the Link Crew. There, they played games and toured the school to help calm their nerves. Freshman Chloe Lutwak says, “Freshman Orientation was very fun and made me and my friends feel a lot more comfortable walking in on the first day of school.”

Students at Orientation met in small groups to complete team building exercises. Link Crew leader Julia Mosher’s favorite activity was a game called 64 squares where the teams of freshman got to know each other. After gathering in the gym, ninth graders watched the lip dub and other videos from the past year. They also learned the famous LGHS eight clap. Finally, they finished the day with pizza on the front lawn provided by Pizza My Heart.

Just like the Sophomore class, the class of 2020 has is a large group. The 516 freshman of LGHS are adjusting to high school well. For the first few days of school, the freshman were given assigned tutorials in order to teach them the importance of using that time.

Freshman fall-sport athletes met their teams and coaches in the weeks leading up to school. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in clubs and sports throughout the school in order to meet and welcome other students. New clubs were presented at Club Day, Sept. 16 on the front lawn, an event where various clubs set up booths to recruit new members.

Returning students have to adjust to school again after a nice, long break. The bell schedule was shifted slightly, and students now start at 8:15 AM, giving them time to catch up on sleep.

Although a rise in grade level means a rise in difficulty, LGHS students are ready to take on the new school year. . Marie Nash, a sophomore, says, “This year has been a lot harder than last year, but it has been so much fun!”

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