Apple release of new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

by Camille Fowler

Web Editor

After waiting two excruciatingly long years to be eligible to upgrade from an iPhone 4S, a jittery 15-year-old finally walks out of the Apple Store with a brand-new, fully-charged iPhone 6. They cheerfully create a new passcode while trying, with difficulty, to hold the phone with both hands. Suddenly, a message pops up: the announcement of the release date of the new iPhone 6S.

On Sept. 9, Apple released the details of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus that was released on Sept. 25. Although it doesn’t physically look different, the iPhone 6S includes a variety of new features that differentiate it from its ancestor, the 6.

The Apple community has reinvented the concept of 3D touch by introducing the feature “Peek and Pop”. “Peek and Pop” allows you to preview notifications and apps by sensing the pressure of your touch. For example, if you want to preview a message or email without actually opening it, you can tap it lightly and it will pop up so that you can get a quick peek at it. The Peek and Pop feature also applies to photos, websites, and map directions.

Additionally, Apple has expanded the concept of the quick-reply to texts by allowing you to shortcut your actions without fully opening your apps. To do this, you can simply press on the app and a menu bar of shortcut actions will pop up. For example, if you want to send a text but don’t have the patience to wait for iMessage to open, press on the iMessage icon and choose “New Message”.

One of the most enthusiastically anticipated new additions of the 6S is the advanced live photos feature. The camera now offers a live photo option, which is also known as a GIF. Now, your photos can come alive directly from your phone. Apple also allows these live photos to be used as lock-screen wallpaper, so that there is a movie on your screen whenever you turn on your phone.

For all of you Instagram fanatics, the 6S, having been upgraded to 5 megapixels, is equipped with an even better camera than the 6. Similar to the whole-screen flash feature on snapchat, a front-facing flash has been added to the camera feature for higher quality selfies in low lighting.

Kids who like to go over their data limit will be delighted to hear that the LTE support has been upgraded to 23 bands. For those who don’t, Wi-Fi connections are expected to be faster with the new 6S.

Targeting those who enjoy having mini iPads in their pockets, Apple has created a 6S Plus that parallels the new features as the 6S and mimics its parent, the 6 Plus.

Regarding appearance, the 6S and 6S Plus maintain the overall aesthetic of the 6 and 6 Plus, but both of the new models include some important physical changes. Not only will the phone be available in the original silver, gray, and gold, but now it will be available in an all-new shade that Apple calls “rose-gold”. It is also slightly heavier to accommodate the upgrades, but it is not a noticeable weight change.

The details of the new model have been a hot topic all over the world, and thousands of iPhone-lovers are rushing to order the 6S.  Apple has also announced that the 6S and 6S Plus broke last year’s record of ten million sales over the first weekend of in-store availability.

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