Quirky philosophical girl goes to UCLA

by Ruth Murai

Web Editor-in-Chief

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.28.07 PMAfter four years of what can only be described as war with the high school grading system and standardized testing expectations, I have finally done it. I have gotten into my “dream school” (let’s be real-it was my second choice): UCLA. Having already posted on Instagram, the LGHS College Decisions Page, and written my name obnoxiously large on the whiteboard in the Career Center, I guess you could say it’s official.

The next step is to make some friends and possibly find a roommate. Everyone knows the best way to do so is to post in the UCLA Class of 2019 Facebook group, but scrolling through the completely original, creative, and unique posts (Netflix is so quirky!), I am having a hard time deciding what exactly would be the best way to get the attention of my fellow Baby Bruins. So, I’ve decided to do the exact same thing I’ve been doing that allowed me to get into a school I’m obviously way too dumb for in the first place, and sacrifice my integrity. The following posts are compiled from actual sentences taken from real people in the UCLA Class of 2019 page.

tumblr_m6sj5farWQ1qb43ywOption One: Quirky Gal

Well, I guess I should start off by saying I can eat a gallon of ice cream in thirty minutes.  I am a fan of impromptu trips and out-of-the-box conversations. I like music that sounds bubbly, has what sounds like a group of people singing at the same time, and a higher-pitched whoa whoa type thing.  I’m proud to say that I know all the words to Lipgloss and Hollaback Girl. Oh! And, I’ve recently come into my Taylor Swift phase (No shame). I am a super silly person who loveessss to laugh and make others laugh and smile because everyone needs someone in their life to cheer them up ya no? You all seem like beautiful people and I can’t wait to meet you!

253987-hipster-girl-styleOption Two: Artsy Intellectual Philosopher

O Roomate, Roomate! Where for art thou Roomate? I have lived in the San Fernando Valley all my life, but still don’t understand what the “Valley Girl” stereotype is. I am just a California girl. I felt like I needed to start with that because it’ll automatically narrow down the selection of potential roommates/ people I’d associate myself with. While other seniors suffer from senioritis, I’m already an entrepreneur and a published author. I’m a pretty cynical person, who’s usually described as blunt, so I’m always there if you want an honest opinion. did any of you guys locate coffee shops around campus?

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