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Entrepreneur Projects 2015

by Elizabeth Monsef, Madeline Hagar, Lark Breen, Jessica Blough

LG Chocolatiers

Known by sophomores as one of the most delicious projects this year, LG Chocolatiers sells handmade chocolates of various flavors, including their famous Oreo Balls. Group members Finn Biggs, Caroline Brossart, Macie Manion, Nat Redfern, and Jacob Swenberg chose to give their proceeds to the American Breast Cancer Association in honor of a group member’s mother, who nearly died from the disease. According to Redfern, LG Chocolatiers got the inspiration for their product because “Everybody loves chocolate!” The Chocolatiers have an ambitious goal of making 600 sales by the end of the year, but they are already well on their way to achieving that goal. You can buy a package of three handmade chocolates for only $4, but be sure to get them quickly, as the group sells out in less than five minutes some days. The LG Chocolatiers can be contacted via their instagram, @lg_chocolatiers.

White Ribbon Jewelry

Possibly the most unique project this year, White Ribbon Jewelry is selling embedded resin jewelry containing real shells, leaves, or flowers. Sophomores Kaitlyn Cook, Nathan Fein, Madeleine Klein, Aaron Simmons, and Hannah Smith chose this product because they had past experience making jewelry and wanted to market to elementary and middle school girls. The necklaces or keychains are $5 or $7.50 for a custom design. Each piece is one of a kind and takes several hours to complete. White Ribbon Jewelry is supporting the Lung Cancer Foundation of America in honor of senior Tessa Davis, as two group members knew Tessa from water polo. Find more information about White Ribbon Jewelry on their instagram, @white_ribbon_jewelry, or contact them via whiteribbonjewelry@gmail.com.

Wildcat Bags

Shirin Belgal, Natasha Belshaw, Lark Breen, Sanna Hakkarainen, Maggie Horan, and Elizabeth Monsef were busy completing their preorders earlier this semester and will begin selling Wildcat Bags on March 23. Wildcat Bags are black drawstring bags printed with “Los Gatos Wildcats” in orange lettering. The bags are perfect for sports, and they will be sold at track meets and lacrosse games in the coming months. The bags cost only $10 and are durable as well as lightweight, making them perfect for active students. The group has chosen to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of a group member who was born with Leukemia. Wildcat Bags also sells ribbon and safety pins to create accessories for the bags. Find them on Instagram or Facebook.

Coupons 4 Change


Coupons 4 change is one of the various entrepreneur projects taking place at LGHS this semester. The Coupons 4 Change team consists of sophomore girls Gia Amaral, Morgan Babula, Kassidy Meyer, Kate Morse, and Maila Ruggerio. The company raises money for The American Childhood Cancer Society by selling coupon cards with discounts and deals at California Cafe, The Wine Cellar, Centanove, and many others. Each card costs $20 each and will be sold around town and door to door as well as at the Run For A Cure which is hosted by another entrepreneur project. The girls chose The American Childhood Cancer Society due to the recent passing of Senior Tessa Davis and to help teens and children in America beat Cancer. They can be contacted through their Facebook page, Coupons 4 Change.

 LG Pops

Looking for a sweet treat during the school day? LG Pops is selling delicious chocolate covered caramel popcorn and kettle corn for only $3 per quart sized bag. LG Pops is run by five sophomore girls Taylor Benson, Anna Goldman, Heidi Leuthold, Katie Kaminski, and Amanda Nguyen. Their final profit will be donated to Feeding America where 98 cents from every dollar donated will be donated to provide money to homeless shelters and food banks. The team wanted to tie a food related charity to their company. Alexis Peake, the second head baker of LG Pops comments, “it’s really great popcorn for a really great price and we would love people to come check it out.” The group sells their specialty popcorn Mon. at tutorial and lunch.

 Proxy T-Shirt Designs

Proxy T-Shirt Designs is yet another student run company here at LGHS this spring. The group consists of sophomore boys Chianty Yang, Rahul Keswani, Daniel Bernstein, Tommy Kharistov, and Jake Seandel. The team is producing and selling custom designed and pre designed t-shirts for $10 to $15 depending on the complexity of the design. Proxy T-Shirt Designs sells face to face during school and through their email proxytshirtdesigns@gmail.com and through their Facebook page, LGHS Proxy T-Shirt Designs. The team has chosen The American Cancer Society due to personal ties to the charity and believes that their money will directly benefit those in need. For a comfy custom t-shirt contact Proxy T-Shirt designs through Facebook, email, or speak to a representative.

Half Moon Cookie Company

Leila Scola, Hannah Whitney, Jessica Seaberry, and Fiona Fields, the founders of Half Moon Cookie Co.  are selling chocolate chip cookies half dipped in chocolate. You can buy these delicious cookies for two dollars for one and four dollars for three. The proceeds are donated to the Make a Wish Foundation because the brother of one of the team members has Leukodystrophy and the Foundation granted his wish. For this reason, “the make A Wish Foundation is a very personal cause,” says Scola. The company sells cookies at school every Monday and one day on the weekend at Los Gatos United Methodist Church, Snake and Butterfly in Downtown Campbell, or Main Street Burgers. Each sales day, Half Moon Cookie Co. has sold out of cookies, so be sure to find the team quickly!

Wild Savings for Wildcats

Wild Savings for Wildcats, run by Emily Vindasius, Kate Parsons, Cali Grimes, and Ashley Goetz, is a company selling coupon cards for restaurants and stores in Los Gatos. The compact and affordable cards include coupons for the Los Gatos Theatre, Los Gatos Roasting Company, and Oak and Rye, along with 17 other businesses. Cards sell for 20 dollars for adults and 15 dollars for students. Proceeds go to the New Millenium Foundation “because we want to give back to our school and we know the New Millenium Foundation provides so much for us students,” explains Parsons. The group sells at school every day, at the Los Gatos Theatre on Friday nights, and at Whole Foods on Sunday mornings. So far, the sales have gone very well, and the group hopes to sell four thousand dollars worth of coupon cards and beat the record for the highest entrepreneur project profits yet.

 Brownie Republic

Seeking something to satisfy your sweet tooth? Brownie Republic is currently selling brownies around campus. They cost $2 for students and $4 for adults. The founders and creators of the group are Katie Winkleman, Rebekah Wei, Joey Garber, Abbi Heumann, and Dasha Iserlis. The group chose to donate all of their proceeds to the World Wildlife Foundation in order to conserve and restore the environment. Winkleman claims “this project is nothing like I’ve ever done before, and I love it.” If you love sweets and the environment too, contact one of the representatives so you can have your fill of brownies before they run out! 

Bak Love A

Using an original family recipe, Bak-Love-A is spreading greek culture as well as delicious food. This group, created by Ginger Brown, Camille Fowler, Anyssia Kokinos, Olivia Hill, and Chamonix Toledo, is selling baklava. Kokinos’s family recipe has been a huge success so far with LGHS students, and many more are lining up to get some. All proceeds are going to the American Cancer Society. Spread the love and enjoy some delicious, homemade, authentic baklava by contacting the group via its instagram, bak_love_a, or facebook.

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