El Gato visits the Halloween Haunt

by Violet Wallerstein

Center Editor

“COME ONE, COME ALL TO GREAT AMERICA’S HALLOWEEN HAUNT!” We’ve all heard the ads, but El Gato is here to tell you it’s worth the trip.

Sean Clark, Brent Gingell, and I went to Great America on Sept. 26 for the opening night of Halloween Haunt. The sun was just starting to go down, there was a chill in the air, and the giant pumpkins by the entrance were glowing brightly. We had the perfect makings for a spook-tastic night.

I am a scaredy-cat, so as much as I was looking forward to the eight haunted mazes, I was also about to pee my pants. We made our way to the first maze, waited in line for a little while, and headed in. The decorations looked amazing, and the actors were really committed. There were people jumping out at us from around corners, under tables, and also following us.

As we continued through the park, the mazes got even cooler, with more beautifully scary decorations, added horrors around ever corner, and creepier music. The decorations for the Toy Factory maze were especially good, making landmarks from my childhood terrifying.

Though most of the time I felt I was going to cry from fear, I really appreciated all the effort the park and actors took to keep the eeriness going. The dedicated actors always stayed in character and tried their best to make you scream. The decorations all over the park also added to the creepiness. From giant glowing jack-o-lanterns, to spiderwebs, to scattered fog machines, it felt incredibly spooky

The lines for normal rides were shorter than they usually are during the day, so we got to go on many Great America classics like The Demon and Drop Tower without a long wait. However, not all the rides were operating, so if you are going looking for your favorite ride, it may not be open.

I would definitely recommend checking out Great America’s Halloween Haunt! It is open every weekend until Nov. 1. Get your tickets now!

photos courtesy of Sean Clark

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