School News

Main Hallway Decorated for Spirit Week

by Sarah Sullivan

Web Editor/Graphic Designer

This spirit week, classes decorated the main hallway as fantasy worlds. Seniors adorned their Harry Potter themed hallway with life size characters and paraphenalia from the popular book and movie series. Letters to Hogwarts named future college destinations for many of the seniors. The juniors decorated their hallway to look like scenes from Alice in Wonderland, complete with cards painting the queen’s roses, the Blue Caterpillar, and the garden of singing flowers. Scenes and characters from Dr. Seuss’s stories adorn the sophomore’s hallway. Christmas trees, green eggs and hams, and the striped hat from “The Cat in the Hat” are displayed. Last but not least, the Freshmen’s hallway is completely green, themed as the Emerald City from “The Wizard in Oz”.

photos courtesy Montana Fowler

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