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A Game of Chess Murders

by Lauren Fredericks 

On Jan 12, Dublin authorities responded to a call from a concerned neighbor at 1:50 in the morning. When they arrived at the O’Gorman family home, they were shocked to discover the mutilated body of thirty-nine year old Tom O’Gorman. It is believed the victim’s throat was cut, and The Garda Siochana declared other aspects of the murder, “too gruesome to reveal.”

Saverio Bellante, who was staying in the O’Gorman home, was charged with murder the following morning. In reply to the charge, Bellante stated, “I am guilty.” After investigating the crime scene, Dublin police have revealed that they believe a game of chess triggered the murder. Bellante and O’Gorman most likely became involved in an argument, which eventually turned violent.

Bellante, an Italian, will be held in the Central Mental Hospital for the next week. After he is discharged, the trial will begin. Bellante originally planned to represent himself, but changed his mind and hired attorney Michael Staines a few days later.

A man of strong faith, O’Gorman was a prominent member of the Catholic community and last worked as a researcher for a Catholic advocacy group. His mother passed away in 2012, but he is remembered by his brother and sister.


(Sources: Daily Mirror, The Guardian)

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