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First Pep Rally of the Year

by Hana Beach

The LGHS football team played the Archbishop Mitty team on Sept. 6 at Foothill College. It was the team’s season goal to beat Mitty. In preparation for the game the LGHS sports officers planned a pep rally, which took place that Friday at lunch. There were performances by the drumline and dance team, as well as speeches by the Principal Autrey and Coach Mark Krail. This rally did not just pump up the team, but the student body as well.

Despite being pumped up from the Pep Rally, the LGHS football team was unable to beat Mitty last Friday night. They were beating Mitty for the first half of the game. However, the Mitty team rallied and overcame the LGHS defensive line during the second half.dkiGxFRcRqKrydfTQZNZKC5qQoa-n47GfoCu_C2i6rt8jdYm8SnJqXUZyf2mJ4u_XQ=w1600 yjwlUYo1MecFE53msBtPSrtxm0DTbKU33ZLnm0VmYxRGSuvl5nG_EjuXpxX0Lw-wWQ=w1600 FM7DSChmJF4xBl6ICUDkQM-toPnM4wO60cUmUOjjwgItPAMm9I2EoaBPPv1XnC-vAw=w1600 RdxY0KOZ6yb0vJ2VySgGQm0Wden9y_PwKVPqrKELiIhC--rI9unxWcd3ni9HrOc7lQ=w1600

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