“What is the scariest thing about your future?” “The future’s really scary. I’m having the best time in high school. I think it’s just scary going to college, having to pay for gas, having to pay your bills, and getting a debit card and doing all these things. In high school, your parents are sheltering you. In college you have to be on a tight budget and study a lot and go to work. And after that, you work some more. I’m having the best time in high school, because I’m around people who appreciate me, and I appreciate so many people, and I care about a lot of people, probably more than they care about me. But that’s a good thing, because I care about myself. I finally care about myself and I care about other people because one day, I want them to care about themselves and then care about others, too. I’m scared that in college, you kind of lose all of those people, except for a few. It’s basically just go to school, go to work, and study.”

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