El Gato Recommends: Baby Food, Playlists, and more

Obscure Emojis:

No matter how you phrase something, a text message will never have the same tone as speaking with someone in person. However, do not fret; emojis will come to the rescue. Everyone knows the skull, laugh-crying, cool face, heart eyes, and other original emojis. However, many people often skim over new, sophisticated emoticons. Express your distaste for dry texters with the beautiful desert emoji. Celebrating Thanksgiving with your family and friends? Throw in the turkey emoji. Beyond the basic, well-known emojis lies Apple’s extensive emoji library filled with birds, occupations, foods, vehicles, flags, faces, and more to help fill the gap between texting and talking face-to-face. 

Hayley StrahsGraphic Editor

Britney Spears autobiography:

After years of oppression, singer Britney Spears finally takes control of her narrative. Spears published her autobiography The Woman in Me on Oct. 24 and quickly climbed to the top of Amazon’s best-seller list. Her tell-all book gives a behind-the-scenes look at her life before and during the thirteen years her parents controlled every aspect of her life and the long and tumultuous road to ending it. Spears also drops multiple bombshells, including her secret abortion during her relationship with Justin Timberlake. In The Woman in Me, Spears shares the ups and downs of her life in an intimate and vulnerable way, making it a definite must-read. 

(Source: Rolling Stone) 

Aliya KoshalievaNat/World Editor

Fall/Winter Playlists:

As the leaves fall, the sun sets earlier, and the temperature drops, a cozy playlist is the perfect thing to accompany the transition to winter. One winter playlist staple is Bon Iver, whose acoustic guitar, hushed vocals, and layered instrumentals flawlessly encompass the cold and darkness of November. Another great addition is Noah Kahan’s album Stick Season. Singing about cold New England winters, Kahan perfectly encapsulates the loneliness of winter backed by catchy melodies and guitar. For country fans, look no further than Zach Bryan and Tyler Childers. With beautiful instrumentals and emotional lyrics, these two pair perfectly with hot coffee, the rare peek of sunlight, and a drive up Highway 17. Lastly, every one of Taylor Swift’s ten albums contain cozy songs for the winter season, but her albums Folklore and Evermore are especially good for a cold night in.

Nadia LiuEditor-in-Chief

Grasshopper Pie:

If you are looking for the perfect dessert for a special occasion, try grasshopper pie. This dish features a crunchy, chocolate Oreo crust with a fluffy mint marshmallow filling. The differences in textures and tastes come together to create amazing flavors that will surely leave you satisfied. This recipe requires Oreos, marshmallows, milk, sugar, whipping cream, green creme de menthe, and white creme de cocoa. In the upcoming holidays, have fun making this delicious recipe!

Isabella LangnerPublic Relations Manager


If you’re an avid event attendee, you know that getting ready can often be more fun than the event itself. A trend that captures this idea is one that has been trending on TikTok for a while now: “get ready with me” or GRWM. If you ever find yourself getting ready alone with no one to talk to, open up TikTok to a refreshingly casual GRWM that will make you feel as if you are Facetiming in real-time. Add some fun to your getting-ready routine and watch a GRWM!

Jane WildeCulture Editor

Bose Headphones:

People universally desire blissful silence. Whether you need a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life or need a few minutes to yourself, the Bose noise-canceling headphones contain revolutionary technology used to achieve this paradise. Although the price is hefty, the headphones are worth every dime.  Cushiony pads and an extendable band ensure comfy and long lasting wear. So the next time you’re trying to complete your math homework in a chaotic crowd or trying to add a mysterious accessory to your outfit, I suggest the Bose headphones. 

Sam GruetterSports Editor

Baby Food:

Call me crazy if you want, but baby food is delicious and should be appreciated by people of all ages. When you search for baby food, unappetizing mashed vegetables and fruits appear. Instead, the foods I am referring to are Gerber’s yogurt melts and puffs. These two foods not only have an incredible taste that comes in various flavors, but they also have an extremely interesting and delicious texture. Since they are made for babies, the texture is unlike any other food I have eaten in the past 15 years. You, like my mom, might still think that I am insane for enjoying baby food, but try it before you judge, or ask one of the many other fans of baby food on the LGHS field hockey team. Baby food is a delicious snack that is waiting to be discovered by all. 

Megan SaulMedia Production Editor


Before Lupin, I had never seen a French show before. Subtitles? Really? But after being forced to watch it in French class, I’ve discovered the perfect binge-worthy show. The show centers on Assane Diop, a clever and principled thief who uses the methods of the fictional French bandit Arsène Lupin. Much like Sherlock Holmes in the English-speaking world, Lupin is renowned in the French-speaking world for his ingenious schemes. With a great soundtrack and excellent direction that spans timelines, Lupin is bound to amaze and delight viewers all around the world—whether they speak French or not. 

Ashir RaoHumor Editor

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