Girl Dinner

By: Megan Saul

Media Production Editor

Girl dinner is an incredible marvel that has recently stepped into the spotlight, although I have always admired it. Lately, it has become a trend on TikTok, where girls display their unusual but delicious dinners. The great thing about girl dinner is that it is enjoyed by many in countless different forms. 

Girl dinner cannot fit into any specific category; it is its own category. The meal usually consists of a mixture of different snacks or odd food pairings. In other words, girl dinner is a single-serving charcuterie board full of different items. This has been my personal favorite dinner for years, but the name for it was recently created by content creator Olivia Maher. In a video, she came up with the phrase girl dinner to represent what was once known as medieval peasant dinner or simply a mix of different foods. Later, this phrase was made into an extremely catchy and frankly annoying song by another creator named Karma Carr. 

Although widely popular, like everything, girl dinner has its own haters. Many critique the nutritional value of a snack plate or the size of a typical girl dinner. Not to dismiss the haters’ opinions, but I find the beauty of the meal to be its flexibility and the ability to add anything and everything you want to it. Due to the fact that girl dinner comes in myriad variations, some of them are obviously better than others. 

At Los Gatos High School, many female students shared their love and personal favorite girl dinners. My favorite girl dinners included Avery Gaylord’s, Juliette Vrijen’s, and Sam Gruetter’s.

Gaylord stated that she enjoys, “everything bagel pretzel chips with cream cheese, olives, and carrots with hummus” as her girl dinner. I love the contrasting flavors between the salty pretzel chips and the slightly sweet flavors of the carrots. I also appreciate Gaylord giving olives the credit they deserve; I have my fingers crossed that she was implying green olives (the obvious superior choice to black olives).

Another of my favorite girl dinners from LGHS students is from Juliette Vrijen. Hers includes extra toasty Cheez-its, crispy grapes, and a Shirley Temple. I mean it when I say there is nothing in the world that I love more than a Shirley Temple, except maybe the maraschino cherries in it (after intensive research, I found that three cherries are the perfect amount).

Sam Gruetter shared that her girl dinner is “any kind of pickled vegetable.” She also stated that her top choices are pickled garlic and cornichons, the extremely small pickles. Although I don’t think I could eat pickled vegetables for a full dinner, they are definitely one of my favorite snacks.

My favorite girl dinner is obviously green olives, vegetables and pita with garlic spread, cheese, and a little something sweet that depends on my mood. This meal is something that I enjoy very often. It is easy to make and will likely put you in a great mood. Next time you don’t know what to eat, try girl dinner!

(Sources: New York Times) 

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