Eras Tour Movie VS. Concert

By: Megan Saul

Media Production Editor

A big topic of 2023 is Taylor Swift because of her worldwide Eras Tour. Recently, Swift and her team turned this concert into a movie for people to enjoy in theaters across the world. On Oct. 12, it premiered in over 100 countries and will debut in 14 others on Nov. 3. This film is a chance for people to dress up, trade friendship bracelets, and come together as a community to sing their favorite Taylor Swift songs.

The movie has many positive aspects that differentiate it from the concerts, the most obvious being it’s being more reasonably priced and accessible. While concert tickets range from 50 dollars to thousands of dollars, movie tickets cost 13 dollars and 13 cents for children and seniors and 19 dollars and 89 cents for general admission. Movie tickets are also much easier to get due to the many viewings available worldwide. The concerts were a completely different story because many people were not able to get tickets due to the Ticketmaster disaster. The movie is also a lot more accessible for people of all ages than the concerts were. At the showing I attended, a large percentage of the audience were adults and seniors. There were also many children who were extremely excited as they did not get the opportunity to attend any of the concerts.

Many theaters across the world had different atmospheres while watching the movie. Some theaters were full of people singing along, standing up, and dancing their hearts out. Other theaters were more relaxed with people sitting in their seats and enjoying the spectacular show. At the beginning of the movie I attended, everyone was in their seats quietly singing along to the songs. By the end, about half of the audience was dancing and singing along

Another big difference between the movie and the concert is their duration. The length of the concert is around three hours, while the movie is two hours and 45 minutes long. While the concert setlist contains 45 songs, the movie only showed 40 of these songs. Other factors at the concert also took time, such as the time required to get through security, find seats and get situated. The merch line at the concert took me about half an hour, while it took me only a couple of minutes to buy an Eras Tour popcorn bucket and cup at the movie. 

A bonus of the movie was seeing the many details up close, including Swift’s nails being different colors for each album and the incredible stage set. During each set of the show, the stage greatly varied. As each of Swift’s albums has completely different color schemes and aesthetics, the stage transformed to fit it. 

The movie is a great opportunity for people who were not able to experience the concert or those who want to relive the excitement. Although it is still incomparable to the experience of attending the concert, I would highly recommend seeing the movie.

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