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LGHS Hosts Cats’ Carnival and Dog Day

By: Nessa Purdy

Opinion Editor

On Thursday, Aug. 24, Los Gatos High School welcomed students back to campus with a variety of fun activities. Returning once again was the famed LGHS Dog Day, and after school, for the first time, the fun-filled Cats Carnival.

Amid back-to-school mayhem, LG students were able to wind down with a visit from a group of service dogs. In collaboration with The Los Gatos Youth Commission, Canine Companions—a non-profit based in San Francisco—brought ten dogs to LGHS’ front lawn during lunch. Senior Esha Bagora, a Los Gatos Youth Commission member who organized the event, explained that she wanted to “give LGHS students a chance to de-stress from the chaotic environment that can come from returning to school.” 

Since its creation in 1975, Canine Companions has provided service dogs for adults, children, and veterans to help them lead more independent lifestyles. Canine companions mainly work with volunteers and have over 4,700 hardworking volunteers nationwide. Welcoming students of all ages, Canine Companions encourages teens to volunteer through fundraising or by spending time with the dogs. 

After school, LGHS hosted its first annual Cat’s Carnival. Hard-working volunteers set the front lawn up with food trucks, bouncy houses, games, and more. The carnival was a hit amongst attendees of all ages. When asked her favorite part about the carnival, senior Dana Hathaway replied, “… all ages were there, lots of little kids and older people, which was very cool.” Although LGHS hosted the carnival, they welcomed visitors from various towns and schools to eat, play, and join the fun. 

The food trucks were possibly the most popular destination of this year’s carnival. A Los Gatos favorite, Mr. Softee’s ice cream truck returned to campus to deliver cool refreshments in the heat. As well as ice cream and drinks, students could purchase snow cones; all proceeds went towards helping communities in Maui after the recent fires. Students also joined the line for a delicious taco truck serving a variety of Mexican food.

The carnival featured many games for students to partake in such as Fish in a Bowl, Hit the Bucket and the very busy bouncy house obstacle course. Onlookers could see children and LGHS students racing through the massive inflatable house.

The Cats Carnival was a success for LGHS, and students and staff alike are hoping to see the return of this event next year. Whether returning for another year or premiering its first, both Dog Day and The Cat’s Carnival were great ways for students to have fun and give a helping hand, while settling into the new school year.

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