Taylor Swift’s Surprise Songs

By: Megan Saul and Sam Gruetter

Media Production Editor and Sports Editor

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If you are blessed enough to know us, you know that we are both huge (the biggest) Swifties and recently attended the Eras Tour. What you might not know from the first meeting is our strange addiction to watching blurry and oftentimes glitchy live streams, waiting to hear the two surprise songs, and praying not to hear our favorites, obviously “Exile” and “Tolerate It” (yes we did have a breakdown when she sang “Exile” without us). To celebrate the end of her first North America Tour leg, we only think it fair to bless everyone with our incredible rankings of her surprise songs, specifically our top six. If, after reading our review, you think we are crazy Swifties, I guess you finally know the true us!

1. “Exile” and “Dress”

This was the day we were all praying would never come. “Exile” proved itself more painstaking than even the most diehard of Swifties could have anticipated. Taylor decided to twist the knife that is her surprise songs even deeper when she chose to play “Dress.” I apologize to my mom for waking you up with my screams. 

2. “Haunted” and “I Almost Do”

Megan and I were distraught, inconsolable, and emotionally wrecked when we heard the opening chords of Speak Now’s “Haunted”, a fan favorite (we are the fans). “I Almost Do” caused an equally gut wrenching blow and was the icing on the cake to this disaster of a night. If you were at this show, keep your doors locked and bolted. 

3. “Ivy”, “I miss you, I’m Sorry”, and “Call It What You Want” 

Three surprise songs in one night is already shocking enough, however, singing a duet with Gracie Abrams is the last straw. I physically fell to my knees when the news was announced. Jaw dropped, tears streamed, body convulsed. “Ivy” with Aaron Dessner was just another hit, and at this point, I would like a word with Dessner about why he hates us so much.

4. “Dear John” and “Daylight”

I am sorry, but did Taylor think that I would be okay after she pulled this? “Dear John” took me on a roller coaster of emotions ranging from shock to anger, eventually causing me to scream along in my bedroom. Not being able to hear “Daylight” in person made me hide from the daylight for the following week. 

5.  “Death By A Thousand Cuts” and “Clean”

On April 1, 2023, our lives changed forever when we heard ‘my, my, my, my,’ the opening part of “Death By A Thousand Cuts” (one of her best songs). I did not appreciate this April Fool’s trick Taylor pulled and would greatly appreciate it if next time she invited us to the show. Adding on to it, “Clean” caused enough teardrops to fall from my eyes to reverse the very worst drought.

6. “Getaway Car” and “Maroon”

In New York, Taylor played “Getaway Car”, the song we were most looking forward to, with Jack Antonoff as a surprise guest. Since that night, nothing has been or felt the same but don’t pretend that it’s such a mystery why. Honestly, just “Getaway Car” did enough damage to deserve its spot, but “Maroon” served as the perfect cherry on top. Although the surprise songs above were exceptionally phenomenal, all nights were perfect in their own way (except May 20th when she sang “Question…?” and “Invisible”. Sorry!)

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