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LGHS Hosts Senior Prom At Levi’s Stadium

Ella Marrufo and Bridie Beamish
Culture Editors
On Saturday, May 21, Los Gatos High School held its annual Senior Prom. Every year seniors enjoy a different, exciting location for the dance; while last year’s event was held at the Tech Interactive Museum in San Jose, this Saturday’s dance was located at the iconic Levi’s Stadium. In addition to the impressive venue, the leadership team also planned and provided delicious food and drinks, fun games, a DJ, and a photo booth to capture the momentous occasion.
Students enjoyed meals consisting of macaroni and cheese, spring rolls, chicken tenders, and ice cream. The dance floor and game stations, such as cornhole, allowed students to have fun all night long, with the DJ playing countless requests from excited students. A section of the field was open for students to take pictures and enjoy their time at the prized stadium, and the stadium screens lit up with a Senior Prom sign to welcome the attendees. Senior Sarah Ratkevic described, “Senior Prom at Levi’s was such a great way to end senior year as well as high school; it was so pretty and fun to see everyone dressed up.”
Senior Tessa Dennon, the Vice President of the senior class, explained that this year’s prom had been in the works since last May. This process may seem long, but it was necessary in order to get all of the bits and pieces ready for the big day — especially when it came to securing Levi’s Stadium, which Dennon said required “a few extra hoops to jump through.” She noted that the Leadership team engaged in a lengthy, at times confusing, email process with the event director over a year ago to ensure that they “followed all of the right procedures.” After the work was done, Dennon declared her favorite part of the dance was “seeing it all come together and everyone looking like they had a good time.” Clearly, all of this hard work by the team paid off, as many students claimed the stadium was one of the most fun and unique locations in years.
Now that prom has come to an end, which generally marks the beginning of the end for our beloved seniors, it is officially time for the graduating class to get excited about Senior Week. At this point, it is smooth sailing to the last week of school, where students can look forward to Senior Sunset, Breakfast, and, of course, Beach Day. Congratulations to LGHS’ graduating class of 2023, and don’t forget to check out this newspaper’s center page to see the Senior Map!

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