Fallside Leaves a Lasting Impact in LG Through Swim, JNHS, and SafeRides

By: Maya Gomez and Jordan Chan


Whether he’s competing for the LGHS swim team, managing a Japanese National Honor Society (JNHS) meeting, or spending his night driving for SafeRides Los Gatos, senior Callum Fallside demonstrates selflessness, valor, and determination in all of his endeavors. 

Fallside’s athletic career dates back to his childhood. “My mom kind of just sped me through every single sport…volleyball, badminton, lacrosse,” Fallside revealed. “Swimming just kind of stuck with me.” Having swum since seventh grade, it’s no surprise that the sport — and the swim community — now plays a crucial role in Fallside’s life. He noted that coaches largely contribute to the productive team dynamic. “If you’ve ever spoken to [Kurt] Kroesche…he’s just a very motivated person. He just does things in an unorthodox way…the team appreciates him so much.” Additionally, Fallside credited coaches with pushing swimmers out of their comfort zones.

When he’s not in the pool, Fallside dedicates his time to serving the LG community. As the vice president and one of the only drivers for SafeRides, Fallside spends almost every Friday night, as well as many dance nights, ensuring that every student has a free, safe, confidential ride to their home. “We know that people are going to be put in unsafe situations,” Fallside explained. “We’re like a safety net.” He joined the program when it “was kind of in a tough spot,” but — believing in SafeRides’ mission — Fallside worked alongside the team to help find insurance, funding, and support for the organization. He stated, “We’ve gotten so much support from the community….I’m so glad I could be there to help it out.”

SafeRides isn’t the only club that Fallside takes part in; in fact, Fallside is a co-president of JNHS at LGHS. He oversees meetings, directs board members, and helps organize major events, such as the beloved Haiku Holiday Film Festival at LGHS — a large cultural event at which Fallside was a speaker. Fallside noted that former LGHS teacher Yukiko Hara, who first encouraged him to join JNHS, recognized his leadership potential. He further reflected that doing presentations while volunteering at the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo during ninth grade helped him realize his capacity for leadership: “When I talk about things I enjoy, I’m totally fine with talking to large groups of people, and that’s how I realized leadership is something I can definitely manage.”

Fallside committed to the University of Washington to study Environmental Science. Speaking about why he chose this major, he said, “On the conservation side, it’s looking pretty bad…I want to try to resolve that and help people figure out how we can support our environment.”

If  he’s not working hard in his classes or demonstrating his capacity for leadership from one of his board positions, Fallside enjoys dancing with the Persian Dance Club. “I completely picked it up randomly….I did not think I was going to be good at it or enjoy it, but I tried it out, I came to the meetings, and then I did the performance at culture day. It was a lot of fun.” 

Fallside’s dedication to the Los Gatos community has been shown throughout his time at LGHS. As he moves forward into the future, there is no doubt that he will not only remain a role model to others, but also achieve excellence in all of his future ventures.

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