Purdy Makes Her Mark At LGHS

By Kate Gruetter and Macy Dennon

National/World Editor and News Editor

When asked to describe herself in three words, junior Nessa Purdy called herself curious, adventurous, and Irish. New to LGHS this year, Purdy lived in Ireland and Boston prior to her move to Los Gatos, which has given her loads of stories, as well as an awesome accent. A former swimmer, future El Gatan, and Steinbeck sympathizer, Purdy is making the most out of her limited time in Los Gatos. 

When she first moved here in August, Purdy admitted that she was nervous about acclimating to a new school, sharing, “It’s difficult, but you get used to it after a while.” However, Purdy also highlighted that, in the end, the transition to life in Los Gatos wasn’t that bad because “people were very welcoming.” In fact, Purdy noted that the LGHS student body stands apart from other schools she has attended, explaining, “At my old school it was just very clique-y, and I find it here people are a lot more open to new friendships.” 

Now that she’s settled, Purdy has explored and fallen back into various interests, most stemming from her love of literature and the outdoors. “I have the taste of an old man when it comes to the books I read,” Purdy laughed, “I love discussing Hemingway, and I love Steinbeck.” When she’s not reading literature, she’s at home, writing it. “I like writing short stories,” Purdy elaborated, “My granddad used to write books and he was a historian…So I think he kind of inspired me a little bit.” Purdy also loves spending time exploring nature, mostly in nearby Santa Cruz. “I love to hang out in Santa Cruz and watch surf competitions with my friends,” she remarked, adding, “and I like to drink a lot of coffee.”  

As far as getting out of America goes, Purdy cannot wait. To hasten the escape, Purdy will volunteer in Croatia for a Marine Biology program for two weeks this summer. Even though she is going alone, Purdy could not be more excited for the program and the experiences she will gain. After her time in high school, Purdy hopes to “go to college in either the UK or in Dublin.” As her interests include reading and writing, she noted, “If I wasn’t going to study English Lit or journalism…I would probably be doing biology.” Travel is also another important aspect of Purdy’s hopes, as she dreams of traveling to southern Greece or Italy. 

Being a seasoned mover, Purdy is the best person to ask for advice. Her main takeaway is: “do not force [friendships]…you just have to let people find you organically, and you will find the right friends.” With only a year in the States, Purdy has already spread her love for Ireland and developed her presence in the community.


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