Matthews Soars High In Multiple Fields

Jordan Chan and Ashir Rao

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Whether he’s soaring through the skies while solo piloting an airplane or helping the LGHS robotics team — Iron Claw 972 — make it to the World Championships as the Mechanical Pit Executive and Electrical and Pneumatics Lead, senior Joshua Matthews sets a standard of excellence. 

From a young age, Matthews has gravitated towards STEM subjects, especially engineering, leading him to join LGHS robotics. To Matthews, one of the most appealing aspects of the robotics program was the opportunity for teamwork and mentorship. In his managerial role this year, he focuses on effective communication with others. “You want to hear [other members’] perspectives as much as you want to share your own,” he conveyed.

A self-proclaimed “aviation geek,” Matthews has spent over 100 hours flying Cessnas — a type of aircraft — around California. Matthews has always been interested in obtaining a private pilot’s license; he recounted that during his childhood in England, “Every day at school, under the flight path for Heathrow, there would always be planes flying right over my head…That sort of influenced me because I would see this amazing piece of engineering, and I would think ‘Wow, that’s really cool.’” He explained, “[Flying is] similar to robotics in that it sort of combines so many different aspects of engineering.” 

With his affinity for flight, it’s no wonder that Matthews enjoys traveling. He moved to the US from England when he was eight years old, but he has never felt as though he fits in “100 percent.” In fact, he mentioned, “I don’t see myself as just being in one place. I like to experience new things, travel to different places.” One of Matthews’ favorite trips was to Switzerland due in part to the beautiful landscapes filled with mountains and lakes.

Matthews also enjoys creating music and playing soccer. Though he isn’t currently playing in an orchestra or band, Matthews is proficient in three instruments: violin, drums, and piano. He explained that, “It’s just another thing I like to do.…It’s just soothing.” He also played soccer competitively as a kid, though now it’s simply a fun pastime. 

Some of Matthews’ favorite past and current courses apart from robotics include AP Physics C, as well as linear algebra and multivariable calculus — both of which he took at community college. Matthews appreciates the fact that Physics C “ties in with robotics [where] you have to apply a lot of these physics concepts.” He enjoyed the challenge of taking external math classes as well: “After taking Calc BC, I was sort of left wanting more. I wanted to keep learning about [math].

In the future, Matthews hopes to study aerospace and electrical engineering and eventually promote sustainability within the engineering fields throughout his career. “I equally love engineering and nature. I kind of want to bring them together in harmony,” he stated. Matthews will likely study at Imperial College London, where he has a conditional acceptance, although multiple other institutions in both the US and UK have accepted him. Wherever he goes, Matthews will certainly reach incredible heights — whether he’s in an aircraft or not.

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