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Baseball and Softball Continue Strong Seasons

By Kate Gruetter

National/World Editor

As the spring sports season progresses, Los Gatos High School’s baseball and softball teams have continued to perform brilliantly, with both the girls’ and boys’ teams racking up wins in their current season. Despite multiple cancellations due to the abnormal weather conditions, the teams have continued practicing and playing their hardest, competing impressively in every gane they play. 

The Varsity Baseball Team boasts an impressive first place in league standings, going 6-0 regarding strictly league games as of Apr. 11. “We’ve had tough losses to some quality teams, but overall we got a lot of talent, a lot of room to grow,” said Junior Theo Greenland in reference to his team’s current season. Because a lot of the team members have played together since Little League, the group members are pretty familiar with each other, which benefits the team dynamic. “Our defense has been playing pretty well,” added Greenland, who hopes that the team will continue to build team chemistry throughout the season to “hopefully make a run at playoffs.” And, given the team’s statistics, they seem close to their goal.  

The Varsity Softball Team is third in league standings, reporting a win in their Apr. 4 game against Mountain View. Despite a few losses in the past couple games, the team is still optimistic about their season and looking forward to upcoming games against Los Altos and Milpitas. Sophomore Clare Torres has high hopes continuing through the season, explaining that they “have a lot of room to improve since we’re such a young team…right now it feels like the team chemistry is lacking, but I know we’ll get there.” Torres notes the team’s age as a big obstacle this season. “It’s really difficult to play against all of these other teams because they’ve all been playing together for three years, and this is some of our first years playing with each other.” Despite this barrier, the team is sure to power through in the coming weeks. 

Both the baseball and softball junior varsity teams are having impressive seasons, with the junior varsity softball team reporting an undefeated season. The two junior varsity teams are not afraid to rack up points either, considering that the Junior Varsity Baseball Team went 16-1 in their recent game against Mountain View. 

If the baseball and softball season continues to be as exciting as it has been, it is sure to be an impressive and notable year for both teams. So, make sure to find your way down to the pitch to watch both of these teams and support LGHS.

(Source: MaxPreps)

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