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LGHS Celebrates Annual Sadies Dance

By Bridie Beamish and Ella Marrufo

Culture Editor and Sports Editor

On Mar. 10, Los Gatos High School celebrated its annual Sadie Hawkins dance. The dance, where the girls typically ask the boys, is named after the Li’l Abner comic strip character Sadie Hawkins. Featuring a funky 70s theme and located in the gym, the dance was a big hit among the student body. Students dressed up in their favorite 70s outfits and danced into the night. During the event, the DJ played hit songs and kids captured their memories in a themed photo booth.

Los Gatos Junior Caitlin Nestor, who is on the Leadership dance committee, explained the weeks leading up to the dance: “The work ethic in Leadership leading up to the dance is super positive. Everyone in the commission is a part of the planning and we are all working together to create the best experience we can.” Leadership began preparations for the dance in late November, ensuring that they could create the best possible experience for students. Specific preparations included booking the DJ and the photo booth, as well as contacting party planner Eventscapes to make sure that the dance’s decorations were in order. Nestor further added that her “favorite part about preparing for the dance is seeing the idea come together and all [of Leadership students’] hard work pay off.” 

This year, senior Chase Hinson curated the dance’s elaborate, in vogue music playlist. When asked about this experience, he noted, “When I was making the playlist, I wanted to have something in there for everyone. Music is a super cool way to bring everyone together, especially during dances, so that was the goal going into it.” When asked what she thought about the music, Junior Karissa Elliott commented that “the DJ was good and he played a lot of hits that everyone seemed to really like.”

This Sadie Hawkins dance was the first dance held in the gym since the start of COVID-19 in 2020. Various 70s-themed paraphernalia and colorful lights decorated the gym, which many of the students enjoyed. Junior Keya Mehta noted that one of her favorite parts of the dance was the theme, and “especially all of the funky glasses.” The atmosphere in the gym was energetic and buzzing as students danced, talked amongst themselves, and took advantage of the event’s various other activities. Nevertheless, Mehta noted that “my favorite part was definitely the crowdsurfing.”

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