Zilka Showcases His Immense Musical Talent With His Band Rockin Nuns

By: Ainsley Northrop and Owen Fugit

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Music runs in the family for sophomore Porter Zilka. From forming a band with his brothers called “Rockin Nuns” to performing for the public, Zilka is a real life guitar hero.  

“I’ve been at least interested in music my whole life,” said Zilka, who plays a variety of instruments including guitar, banjo, ukulele, bass, and piano. “My mom started me on [guitar] lessons in third grade, and I hated it. [But] then my mom and my friends all did a joint guitar lesson in sixth grade…So I’ve been playing guitar since then.” Zilka recently formed the band Rockin Nuns, a reference to Saint Mary’s private school, with his brothers: sixth grader Culley Zilka and freshman Ryland Zilka. The musician described the band’s namesake, explaining, “[The school] used to be run by nuns. My kindergarten teacher was a nun. So we decided to do Rockin Nuns…”

Zilka’s band predominantly performs pop punk, but is also exploring other genres, including hardcore punk and rock. Recently, the band released their EP “Wasting Away” made up of two songs: “Wasting Away” and “Sweet Stache.” Zilka plans on releasing more music soon, with some songs already in the works.

Recently, “Rockin Nuns” performed “Wasting Away” at the Friday Night Live talent show. Zilka mentioned how it was not only parents who showed up to support him, but his friends and classmates too. He noted this made the whole experience “100 times more nerve-wracking,” but still enjoyable.

Although his band is just getting its start, music is not a new endeavor for the Zilka family. He detailed: “My dad was also in a band, my uncle was in a band…[and] my grandma’s family had a family band. Music has definitely run in the family…I kind of got my music love from that.” Zilka treasures the connection that music has helped him build with his family, and he is proud to share the craft with his brothers. He even plays music with his cousins when they visit, and elaborated on his view of family, saying “I take family time very seriously.”

Zilka explained the importance of his family’s support: “[My sister, sophomore Azure Zilka] did the album artwork, she’s an amazing artist.…and [I love when] my little sister [comes] down to the garage and watches us. She’s awesome.” 

When he is not at home with his family perfecting his musical craft, Zilka enjoys his classes, particularly AP European History. He especially loves the presentations and joked, saying “they’ve been the source of all of my fame and fortune this year in that class.” He added, “I enjoy doing them. I write a lot of raps. Let’s leave it at that.”

In his free time Zilka enjoys surfing, skating, drawing, and spending time with his pets. He added “I like to walk, I mean I don’t know if you’d call it a hobby, but I do like just seeing nature.” Zilka has hopes for his band to play in more locations, and to eventually release an album. Rockin Nuns fans should keep posted for updates on their instagram — @rockin_nuns.

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