Jacobson Brings her Spunky Personality to the Pool

By: Ainsley Northrop

People Editor

Whether she is in the pool, chatting with peers, or tending to her ducks, sophomore Eva Jacobson is sure to incorporate her spunky personality into whatever she does. 

Jacobson began swimming competitively in the fourth grade, and last year she made the Los Gatos High School Varsity Swim Team as a freshman. Jacobson explained that it was a difficult decision for her whether or not she should try out for Varsity in the first place. “I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to be on JV or Varsity…So, I decided…I’ll just try out for Varsity and we’ll see what happens.” Immediately after making the team, Jacobson had no regrets.

During the offseason, Jacobson refines her skills with swim club, and through her other sport, water polo. This year, Jacobson is excited to see her hard work pay off and reunite with the team. She detailed, “I’m definitely looking forward to the meets because that’s when I get to intermingle with a lot of my friends on JV. It’s such a fun atmosphere.” 

This season, Jacobson will surely be doing her favorite stroke, freestyle, with a smile on her face, and making as many new friends as possible. She is also hopeful for self progress, and described her swimming mindset: “When I’m in the water, I look at the people around me and that’s what really encourages me to go fast. I don’t really think about it as [just] competing against myself, which I know I am, But I also think of it as a very competitive sport.”

Jacobson added water polo to her schedule the summer before freshman year. Despite being against it at first, she has since grown to love the sport. She especially enjoys the social aspect of the LGHS team, emphasizing the tight-knit bonds she has gained from her two years of participation. “I’m honestly really happy that I did it because it’s a great community and I have a lot of friends on there too. It’s not like other sports where you go go go and you never have time to talk to anyone. With water polo, it’s a very different hangout atmosphere.”

Outside of the pool, Jacobson juggles a challenging course load, which includes AP European History. Despite the high amount of homework assignments, she creatively finds the fun in the class. She elaborated, saying “[my group writes] little songs or skits to do in our presentations. When it started out, everyone was so impressed, but now people…expect that when I go up in front with my group we are gonna have something to show.”

When she is at home, Jacobson enjoys tending to some of her family’s many pets, which include a dog, two cats, parakeets, fish, ducks, and bees. In her free time, she especially loves spending time with her friends and listening to the most random, spunky music she can find. Although she is “not the goal making type” Jacobson has hopes of taking AP Psychology and going on more international trips in the years to come. With her lively, spontaneous attitude, Jacobson is sure to bring joy wherever she goes, and succeed in her future endeavors. 

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