Alvares Rates Stars’ Grammys Outfits

By: Saya Alvares 

Sports Editor

Year after year, our favorite stars attend the season’s award shows wearing stunning gowns, gorgeous suits, and outfits more creative than anyone, and I mean anyone, could ever imagine. Then there are always those questionable pieces that are the reminder that money can’t buy style. This year was no exception — the Grammys hosted in Los Angeles, California, on Feb. 5 — showcased celebrities looking their best and, potentially, their worst. The following critiques are offered with the utmost respect, as well as a reminder that these ratings are simply my humble and very unqualified opinions. 

  1. Lizzo’s first outfit: 9/10, Lizzo’s second outfit: 5/10

Lizzo wore a stunning scarlet cape with an orange dress underneath by Dolce and Gabanna. The custom two-piece floral dress made a huge statement on the red carpet, then she changed into another dress before receiving her Record of the Year award. Her second dress was mediocre in comparison, with nothing specifically enticing to make her stand out. Especially after the standout first fit, I give the second outfit a solid 5/10, a passable but unremarkable score. 

  1. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK): 2.3/10

Questionable fan favorites Megan Fox and MGK sported what I would deem a semi-planned outfit coordination with below-average execution. Fox wore a white Zuhair Murad dress with questionable-looking sequins in the form of a corset. I’m not sure who got paid to create this dress, but the only reason it’s not fully disgusting is that the white dress looks cut and clean, like your average prom dress.  However, let’s talk about MGK. Junior Reva Ramadurai details an important question, “Why did his stylist put him in pipe-colored reflective insulation?” I guess we’ll never know, but it does demerit Fox’s 5/10 dress to a solid 2.3 for this dynamic duo. 

  1. Kacey Musgraves: 4.2/10

While this does embody the essence of a morph suit, this outfit sure doesn’t tickle me pink! But hey, at least Musgraves stuck to a singular color, including the shoes; Fat Joe cannot say the same. I have to give Musgraves a little bit of credit for being creative, so this warrants a solid 4.2/10. 

  1. Cardi B: 8.9/10

This was a pleasant surprise; I enjoyed this look by Gaurav Gupta Couture. It was refreshing to see an eccentric dress in a typically more muted setting where the focus is on the awards rather than the outfits. This pop of blue flatters Cardi B, and the abstract aspect of the dress keeps the viewers entertained and satisfied. Therefore, I give this look an 8.9/10, with points deducted due to the lack of coordination between the nails and the jewelry.

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