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LGHS Dance Team Returns for 2023

By Sarah Gouldrup

Humor Editor

After a couple months off between football and basketball season, LGHS Varsity Dance Team is back and better than ever following their first performance at the Boys’ Varsity basketball game on Jan. 18. Dancing to Britney Spears’ Womanizer, the team hit the court with a high-speed number that blew the student section away. The dance featured a series of complex roll-offs, quick formation changes, and elevated choreography that not only kept the crowd entertained, but impressed as well. Freshman Ava Feldman commented on the experience: “It was my first basketball game, so I was really nervous, but it ended up going really well. Basketball is a lot different than football because we’re so close to the audience, so it was a cool feeling to have while performing.”

With only one of many basketball games completed, the dancers are constantly preparing new pieces for upcoming games during their bi-weekly practices. Led by the coaches, practices often consist of a brief warm up, review of the past halftime performances, and instruction on new choreography. Since most games are within 1-2 practices of each other, the team has to be efficient in managing their time, especially as they work towards their goal of performing a new routine at each game. While oftentimes stressful, the consistent effort from every one of the team members pushes the girls to succeed even in the  face of numerous obstacles. 

In addition to ramping up the practices, basketball season also offers opportunities for underclassmen on the dance team to choreograph routines and gain new skills in terms of teaching and creating. During football season, a majority of the dances were either taken from USA dance camp or choreographed by current seniors on the team. However, sophomores and juniors are now taking the initiative. Pierce Drotar, a dance team junior, described her excitement over choreographing a new dance for a future game: “It was a lot of work to do at first, but it was really fun to teach the team. I’m excited to perform the dance knowing that I helped create it.” 

Beyond basketball, the team is preparing for Eighth Grade Welcome Night, where they will showcase their dance program for next year’s incoming freshmen. While they didn’t perform last year due to COVID regulations, they are excited to once again continue this long time tradition. 

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