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Field Hockey World Cup Held in India

By Ashir Rao

Public Relations

The Men’s Field Hockey World Cup began on Jan. 13 in India’s eastern state of Odisha. It’s held every four years and organized by the International Hockey Federation. 

The tournament attracts the best field hockey teams in the world, including Belgium, Netherlands, Argentina, Chile, South Korea, and the hosts, India.The first match was between Argentina and South Africa in the Odishan capital of Bhubaneswar. It was a close 1-0 win for predicted winner Argentina. Pool A includes Australia, Argentina, France, and South Africa. 

The highest scorers of the tournament so far are Thierry Brinkman and Jip Jansen, both from the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a dominant force in the tournament, sitting at the top of Pool C undefeated with three wins. The other teams in Pool C are Malaysia, New Zealand, and Chile. The first spot of Pool D was hotly contested between England and India. While both teams had seven points, England took the top spot on goal differential. Spain and Wales came third and fourth respectively. Pool B is also contested, with Belgium and Germany both earning seven points, but Belgium ahead on goal differential. South Korea and Japan are third and fourth respectively. Each team in the pool will play one more match, which will decide who moves on to the next round.

The winner of each pool automatically gets a spot in the quarterfinals. So far, England and the Netherlands are the only teams with guaranteed spots. The second and third place teams in each group go to the Cross Over round. The winner of each matchup in the Cross Over round advances to the quarterfinals. So far Malaysia is set to play Spain and India is set to play New Zealand in the Cross Overs. The winner of Malaysia versus Spain will go on to face the winner of Pool A, and the winner of India versus New Zealand will face the winner of Pool B.

Last year, the Netherlands hosted the Women’s Field Hockey World Cup. The qualified teams were more or less the same, with the notable inclusion of China. The Netherlands won, beating Argentina 3-1 in the final. Australia beat Germany to secure third place.. The Netherlands’ men’s team is hoping to replicate the women’s victory last year. 

The playoffs start on Jan. 22, and the world will know the champions of the Men’s Field Hockey World Cup on Jan. 29, the day of the final. 

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