Biller Prepares for Another Season on the LG Baseball Team

By: Michaela Thimot and Saya Alvares

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Even though this is only his second year at LGHS, sophomore Zach Biller is already leaving his mark in both the classroom and on the baseball field. His mature mindset and ambitious goals are sure to set him up for future success.

Biller’s  baseball career began at the age of four on little plastic tees in his backyard with his friends. When he came of age, he started playing little league, and he’s been hooked ever since. Last year, Biller was on the LGHS boys’ Freshman Baseball team and is currently training for the quickly approaching baseball tryouts, which begin on Jan. 30 and last until Feb. 3. This year Biller is hopeful to make it onto the Junior Varsity team, led by coach Matt Hardiman who is also a former member of the LGHS Varsity Baseball team. While Biller occasionally pitches and plays infield, he mainly plays shortstop. Although he has been playing shortstop for the longest time, he will likely play centerfield this year, and he’s eager to try out a new position.

Outside of school, Biller is a part of Sirious Baseball, where he trains throughout the year and plays travel ball. With Sirious, he gets to explore many new places with some of his closest friends, primarily Oregon and Arizona. When asked why he loves baseball, Biller shared that it “gives [him] a fun thing to do other than schoolwork and it makes sure [he] stay[s] in shape.” The athlete added, “I also love the aspect of being on a team, because it’s a lot more fun than playing individual sports.”

Don’t let his youth fool you: Biller already has a variety of interests and ideas about where he wants to pursue after high school graduation. His interest in studying Molecular Biology, preferably out-of-state, is highly influenced by his favorite freshman course: Honors Biology. When the prospect of playing baseball in college was mentioned, Biller explained, “I’d love to go somewhere for baseball, but realistically if that doesn’t happen I want to go somewhere where I can get a really good education.” The athlete revealed that after college graduation, he aspires to work on cancer research to help make an impact on others. Biller looks up to his parents who are both doctors – his mom an obstetrics and gynecology doctor (OB-GYN) and his dad is an ears, nose, and throat doctor (ENT). While he appreciates his parents’ high standards, he clearly holds his standards high on his own. 

Make sure to check out Biller with baseball season right around the corner, and stay up to date by following the account on Instagram: @lghscatsbaseball.

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