Jain succeeds in LGHS Women’s Chorus

By Megan Hastings

Media Production Editor

Sophomore Aadya Jain is doing what many high school students wish they could —  integrating her hobbies with her education. Currently enrolled in Chamber Singers 2 — informally known as Women’s Chorus — Jain has found a way to express her love for singing, performing, and hitting the highest notes in songs while studying for advanced classes and maintaining good grades. 

Jain recently traveled to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (SLO) with 18 other students to perform in the Coastal Region Honors Choir. Though Jain had six challenging songs to perform, she recounted that the experience was fun and that “performing is one of the best parts of choir.” Her fearless attitude makes it easy for her to stand tall and sing out the highest notes as a soprano. A regular Chamber Singers 2 class period for Jain consists of communicating and practicing with her fellow sopranos. Jain’s favorite part about choir is the community aspect; she describes it as “a little family.” She said that being “with the whole group […] makes you feel better….Performances are fun because everyone gets hyped.”

Since developing an interest in singing and choir in fourth grade, Jain has remained consistent with her training, having briefly trained at and performed with the Los Gatos School of Music in middle school. She plans to pursue singing outside of school, with or without a choir. When asked if she would ever consider performing a solo, Jain explained, “I’m used to performing with a group of people, and it’s easier like that,” but she went on to say she is not opposed to the idea of singing solo. 

Another bonus for Jain is that the LGHS choir gives her opportunities to sing in different languages. She has the opportunity to explore an array of dialects, from African dialects to Hebrew. One of the songs she performed at Cal Poly SLO was “From Behind the Caravan,” a Farsi song. She noted that singing in any language is a chance for her to step away from the chaos of everyday life. “It’s like escapism.” 

Finding a way to escape is well deserved for someone like Jain, whose schedule is full of honors and AP classes. Classes such as AP European History and Trigonometry/Precalculus Honors stand out to Jain as her most demanding classes. On top of studying and singing, Jain regularly attends Speech and Debate Club meetings, focusing on the congressional debate format, in which she can debate bills and resolutions like a United States Congress member. In her downtime, Jain indulges in comedic commentary YouTubers like Kurtis Conner and enjoys reading cozy mysteries and thrillers.

Whether it’s singing, reading, or cracking jokes with her choir friends, Jain puts her absolute all into everything she does, and the way she passionately pursues her goals makes her an inspiration to those around her.

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