Migos Rapper Takeoff Dead at 28

By: Macy Dennon

News Editor

Takeoff, the third member of the rap group Migos, died from a gunshot wound on Nov. 1. Upon arriving at 810 Billiards & Bowling Houston, officers found him dead at the scene. According to bystanders, an argument erupted between Takeoff and an unnamed party, causing a crowd to form outside the establishment. An alleged argument about basketball escalated to a shooting, dispersing the spectators, and an unknown gunman took the life of Takeoff, and injured two others. Before the police responded, some bystanders took pictures and videos of the crime scene and posted them on social media, displaying unwarranted disrespect to the rapper and his family. 

Born on June 18, 1994, in Georgia, Takeoff strictly focused on music during the latter part of his life, starting from high school. In spite of being future up-and-coming superstars in rap, his uncle and cousin preoccupied themselves with sports. Takeoff, acting like the music group’s glue, convinced these relatives to form their current world renowned rap group known as Migos. Tory Finner, the Chief of Police for the Houston Police Department, noted Takeoff’s virtuous reputation: “I got many calls from Houston and outside of Houston, and everyone spoke of what a great young man he is, how peaceful he is, what a great artist [he is].” 

Migos’ flow has a deemed reputation built on their rapid fire delivery of well-structured lyrics. “Migos Flow” became the go-to for current generations of rappers, influencing even pop music. “You heard Drake do it, then you heard Jay-Z do it, then you heard Jay Electronica do it,” A.R. Shaw, author of Trap History: Atlanta Culture and the Global Impact of Trap Music, announced. “Everybody was doing the Migos flow. You realized they weren’t just an average Atlanta rap group.” Their group’s work received high praise from fans and accolades from music award shows like the BET Awards and the American Music Awards.

Takeoff’s solo career is also notable as he created his own album called The Last Rocket. His record Casper experimented with delicate bells that convey an out-of-world feel, reflecting the atmospheric message of the whole project.The following year, he broke into the Hot 100 twice and debuted at number four on the Billboard Top 200.

Earlier this year, the group disbanded. Fans speculated as to why this successful group would part ways. Takeoff and Quavo formed their own band named Unc and Phew, short for Uncle and Nephew. However, the new beginning that the two artists hoped for did not last due to the sudden death of Takeoff earlier this month. 

The rapper’s family received condolences through social media from millions of sorrowed fans and loyal friends in the industry. Shaw concluded, “Years from now, people will look back and say this guy was a good dude, a great talent.” The city of Atlanta lost a true legend, and his influence and outstanding personality will live on forever.

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