Gouldrup Reviews Young Royals Season Two

By: Sarah Gouldrup

Humor Editor

Betrayal? Doomed lovers? Swedish royalty? When it comes to the recipe for a hit show, those are pretty much the only ingredients you need. Young Royals, a Netflix original series, has every single one. While the first season is nothing short of incredible, the newest season blows it out of the water. Released on Nov. 1, the six episodes feature all of the original characters as the plot begins to take a more dramatic turn.

The first few episodes transport the viewers back into the complicated world of Prince Wilhelm who, after the death of his older brother, struggles to integrate himself back into his boarding school community. However, that isn’t the only challenge the latest season throws at Wilhelm. Throughout the show, he confronts relatable themes of grief, tarnished relationships, and distrust of his friends and family as he attempts to move on with his life. Wilhelm interacts with every situation and hardship as any other teenager would, making him a main character whom viewers not only relate to, but also root for. 

Don’t worry though — Wilhelm isn’t just your typical, grieving character who wallows in his own sadness. This season also shows off a new side that fans of the show trademarked as his “Rep Era,” a reference to singer Taylor Swift’s iconic Reputation album. Eager to get back at his arch-nemesis August, who outed Wilhelm’s sexuality to his family and country in the first season, Wilhelm begins to take his revenge in harmless but petty ways. He encourages the other boys to vote out August as head boy and captain of the rowing team, all while making it clear to August that Wilhelm is the one behind the boys’ actions. Through Wilhelm, Young Royals encapsulates everything that a teenager is: sad and sassy. 

Young Royals also addresses a variety of unique challenges that many people silently experience. For instance, the show calls attention to the ups and downs of familial relationships, whether it is between siblings or kids and their parents. Both Wilhelm and Simon, another main character in the show, experience problems with their family that aren’t as easy to resolve as a simple argument. The second season dedicates tons of screen time to the boys’ reactions to familial tensions, and the show highlights the notion that it is okay to disagree with your family and fight for what you believe in. 

The newest release of Young Royals is the perfect show to binge with a bowl of popcorn and a blanket.  So bundle up and get ready to experience the twists and turns in each episode that will constantly keep you entertained while also appreciating the somber topics that will leave you feeling more in tune with those around you.

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