Duvall Ranks LG Sports

By: Emily Duvall

Opinion Editor

Good day Wildcats and Los Gatans! We just passed one of the greatest nights of the school year, LGHS Winter Sports Information Night — a night full of joy and memories that are truly unforgettable, that bring the community together in the name of sports that you would not necessarily think took place in the winter time…but here we are. At this sports information night, I realized that each sport at LGHS varies from being highly disorganized to super organized, which prompted the list I created below. Thank you, LGHS Winter Sports Information Night for inspiring me.

To begin with the most organized sport on campus, I must give credit where credit is due to our field hockey program. I am convinced that once their season is over, they have about a month break, and then I hear word of them already preparing for next season. It is absolutely wild. Major props to field hockey for having it together all year round; I truly do not know how you guys do it.

Next up, I would like to mention football. This is mainly due to the fact that almost everyone knows when their games are, which I would say helps them stay pretty organized. Also, I am always hearing stuff about football on the daily announcements, so bonus points for that for sure.

When looking at our more disorganized sports teams, I have to mention soccer. While this is my sport, and I love it, I can still definitely vouch for the lack of organization in the program. This is nothing against soccer, may I preface. But, there is little to no pre-season for the sport. I would say nobody knew when tryouts were except for about two people until about a week or two before tryouts. While this is not all that bad, it is a bit silly when teams do pre-season throughout the school year, yet tryouts come as a surprise!

In the so-horribly-disorganized category lies the sport of rowing, which takes place through Los Gatos Rowing Club. The question that rises with rowing is: is it really associated with the school? We will never know. Georgia Kaufman forced me to include Los Gatos Rowing Club because she knew that otherwise, no one would think to include it on their mental list of sports.

The lovely sports of LGHS all come together in their own unique ways, organized or not. They make up Wildcat culture and despite their differences, all of them come together on their respective sports information nights to inspire the people of LGHS.

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