Opinion: James Corden is Not Funny

By Ella Marrufo

Sports Editor

James Corden is the antithesis of a comedic genius. His business thrives off of the exploitation of celebrities as opposed to relying on his own humor, and when he does attempt a few jokes, they fall flat, leaving his audience with second-hand embarrassment. Not only is he generally unfunny and cringe-worthy, he is also unpredictable and unpleasant to be around, with accusations of his rude nature becoming more prevalent in the media.  

In the past few months, Corden’s reputation has plummeted. On Oct. 17, Keith McNally, the owner of the New York City restaurant Balthazar, created an Instagram post slamming Corden, calling him “an abusive customer.” He listed two manager reports in the caption of the post, both of which mention Corden’s needed unprofessional and inappropriate behavior with the staff. In the second report, the manager claimed that Corden began to yell at a server when the restaurant mixed up his order, saying, “You can’t do your job! You can’t do your job! Maybe I should go into the kitchen and cook the omelette myself!” After this incident, Corden reflected on his actions on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” commenting, “I have been walking around thinking I haven’t done anything wrong, right. But the truth is, I have. I made a rude comment, and it was wrong.”

For a supposed comedian, it appears that some of his jokes may not even be original. Fans noticed that a joke made on the Oct. 31 episode of Corden’s talk show was almost identical to a joke made by fellow comedian Ricky Gervais in his show “Humanity.” Corden responded to accusations that he stole the joke, claiming that he “inadvertently” used it and that he did not know that Gervais had made the same one a few years prior. 

Fans’ opinions of Corden have also changed over the past few years. People have noticed how he often talks over guests on his talk show, always looking to be the center of attention, despite the nature of his show which strives to put his guests in the spotlight. Many have also started to notice how desperately Corden tries to out-sing his guests in Carpool Karaoke, the environment becoming noticeably awkward as his guests outperform his average singing voice without fail. It seems as though Corden has a self-absorbed, desperate-for-attention personality that shines through in every gig he involves himself in.

(Sources: Screenrant, People, CNN Entertainment, The Mary Sue) 


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  1. “Saturday Night Live” is a shell of what it used to be. We started watching beginning with the second season (around 1974). and it was really hilarious then. Who can forget the Coneheads? The Greek Diner? The Japanese tailor? The “Weekend Update” and the commentaries by the various players? We always waited for “Roseann Roseannadana” followed by comments from Jane Curtin and Dan Akroyd’s rebuttal which always began with “Jane, you ignorant slut!’

    I hardly watch the show anymore because it is basically incredibly boring.

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